the "who are you" response
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  1. the "who are you" response

    what would you say to them when they are asking who are you?

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    Change the subject. Don't answer the question

  3. "I'm the best thing that never happened to you. So you seem kinda fun. Are you?"

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    Iceman Guest

    "I'm the boy your mother warned you about."

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    The man of your dreams; do you not remember me?
    Ragnorak's response is good too.


  6. You could always add to the "The man of your dreams"... "remember the night under the stars on the beach when we cuddled?"

    Example from a House MD Clip:
    Foreman: What Bleeding?
    House: You don't remember? She Bled all over you this Morning, Kidding... Idiots are fun. No wonder every Village wants one.


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