Lack of in-field videos

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  1. Lack of in-field videos

    The only major PUA that I have seen video footage of sarging is Mystery. Perhaps I am not looking in the right areas but I am surprised by the lack of sarging videos by other notable PUAs.

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    Ricky369 Guest

    search you tube there is a lot floating around, Mystery has less that the ones available, this should start you off - mystery - love drop - love drop - pick up 101 sean very halarious - 101 - 101 - 101

    Knock your self out. If you check out

    You will also find alot of stuf there,


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    That video of Mystery is rugged...
    I know my frame still isn't strong enough to have taken that, guarantee I would have ejected within the first two minutes of that. The break down the guys at the seduction diary do is really nice as well.

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    Ricky369 Guest

    yeah its cool when you notice what they are doing behind the scenes. Like for example in one of thoese pick up 101, you will notice the guy girves the brunette a high five, but... he holds on to her hand a little bit longer (kino)

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    Yeah, I noticed that too...
    The funny thing is realizing how that little hold, even though she didn't seem to notice it, really, probably helped.

    I give high fives a lot, so I'm probably gonna try to hold more

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    The only good one is Mystery..

    Love drops isn't bad either...

    The other ones- Their game was nothing special, they could have said pure gibberish and still gotten those dates. Especially the guy who said "Are you lost" To the girl looking at the map. He just approached the right girl at the right time.


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