You Are Eliminated!!
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  1. You Are Eliminated!!

    Wow, never again am I going to bring my nepolenic HS friends sarging with me.

    For me, making friends and developing relationships have always been easy so long as jealousy never reared it's ugly head. I'm amazed by the response my friend gave after showing a demonstration of the things i'd learned from the seduction community.

    "Yes, you can start a conversation with anybody just by ascessing the suituation."

    I'd got the attention of a girl sitting on the floor reading her anime and got her to help me find a book for my sister, busted her balls about the books she was reading, made myself scarce and threatened to leave with the rolling motion. Just before doing a number close, Nepoleon Dynamite comes around the corner and starts blowing me and our mutal friend out for no fucking reason. I would've understood if he tried to get her number, or do something productive...but no, he was playing male equivalent of the mother hen.

    It's a shame too, I really thought he could be trusted. He acted intelligent and spoke very fluently about philosophy and government. A bit over opinionated but i'm all for developing second hand vocabulary. He's a warehouse of borrowed ideas labled and presented with his own name. "Yeah dude, I totally had this epiphininny about will to power, origin of ethics, corproate takeover, and girls...they've all got cooties and I hate 'dem stuck up bitches."

    Astoundingly, in the most neutral, bland, tone of voice, he apologizes to the girl, then to us when he comes back. How fucking cute. I AM NEVER TAKING YOUR HIGHLY INTELLIGENT ASS OUT ANYWHERE...EVER.

    There's a reason why you're not supposed to teach people this stuff without setting boundaries, let them discover it the hard way. My leftist voicebox friend just got jealous.

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    Throw a copy of The Game at his head and call him an AFC. Then tell him he has three months till he can ever go out sarging with you again.



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