I was working late at the club. (Im a photografer). When i was done i want to a bar to meet my friends, they was drinking beer and watching football. I told them that i want to meet some girls and one of them told me that his FF hade a homeparty. We took a cab. Surprisly, they was only 4 girls. Tre of them was 7-8 and the fourth was a 5. And we was 4 guys. My friend whos FF hade the party was to tierd to fuck her. So he was'nt to happy. My other friend hade his GF coming over to his home so he took a cab home. I took a powernap in the girls bed. (She hade a very big house). One of the girls was sleeping next to me, I was up and asked my friend what she was doing sleeping next to, they told me that she hade to work the next day. It seemed odd that she chose the bed i was sleeping in. But i did'nt care. So i started to drink again and i was talking to the 2 other girls. My 2 friends who was leaving asked me if I want to take a cab with them but i hade allready got to many IOI's of both girls. So i whant to be sure about that, i asked the girls if they want me hanging around to the next morning and they told me that they will be sad if i did'nt stay.
Here comes the thing. I got too many IOI's of bothe of them, on of them was a 5 and the other was the 7. I tought that if i hade to choose someone i will choose the 7. But i want to fuck them both. So i told them that i was very tierd. When i was in the bed the 7 come and told me that they will joine me soon, they had to smoke first. When both was in the bed with me i asked the 5 if she hade kissed a girl before, and she sayd no. I told here that she hade the chanse now when no one could see. And the was on. After 10-15 sekonds of watching, i joined them. I asked the 7 if she want to lick and kiss the other girls tits. And there it was. We was licking tits.
They: it's your turn!
Kad: What?
They: Take of your jeans and boxers.
Kad: But...
And the next thing i know, i was naked between to girls, know what? I love blowjobs, I love when a girl give me a nice blowjob. One of them hade me in her mouth the other was liking my balls. Now i want to fuck them, but who was going first? I choosed the 7, and wile was fucking here in doggy-stile i asked myself: What do i do when i'm about to cum?
After 30 minutes of fucking, my dick died. I could'nt be hard again.

What do i doo in this situation? Who is going to take my cum? Who shuld i start with?

It was my first 3some.