flake problem on daygame
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    flake problem on daygame

    I have done almost all my serging in clubs and I donít have much problem with flakes. But on street seges all my targets flakes. Last time I was out I got two #-closes. Both flaked, I suspect its due to lack of comfort. How can you build comfort in a street serge? The targets usually wont spend a lot of time before they move onÖ

    I serged the two girls I #-closed something like this: 5 minutes attract, then kind of caveman isolation saying I have to do this awesome personality test and grounding it saying that I read about it in a magazine and that you can get to know their personality better then even their closest friends. They would say no I got to stay with my friend. It was 2 sets and I have to convince them for a bit, not very hard and I had wings that could handle the obstacle.

    Then I would qualify saying before I do this test I need you to describe your personality whit three traits they did and then I would cube them. I figure the cube is pretty god at building a lot of comfort in a short time. Afterwards they would IOI me asking AFC questions and one of the girls even offered some candy This qualification/comfort stage would take 5-10 min.

    I would like to have suggestions on things to correct? Anyone who doesnít get many flakes on streetserges who can tell me how they do it?

    Thanks in advance fellow puaís

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    direct open them, put your arms around them and say i m going over there come with me for a while, then start telling them stories , a quick personality test after you told some stories and want to qualify, say shes sexy because of some kind of earned SOI that juggler does so she feels like she earned it,

    just tell her stories about yourself, i dont know how you even memorize those routines, thats hard core i feel weird just trying thinking about doing the cube, if you do the same routines alone without stuff about yourself, you just end up being a guy that does these things to pick up girls, how you gonna get any comfort????

    in the end get her number call her, then save your name in her fone put your name in there so she will know its you that called


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