question: Getting Girls to Pose Nude

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  1. question: Getting Girls to Pose Nude

    Hey guys,

    I was just thinking there's enough of us on this board to where I'm sure that there's at least a few other "artists" on here...

    Are there any of you who have a field-tested game plan for getting girls to pose nude for you to draw or paint them?

    You'll make my day if you do.



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    Ricky369 Guest

    When people are reluctant to do something for me i always do the yes ladder, "are you spontanious are you fun?" this influences them to do stuf for me. When i say this i mean (buy me something) havent used for nude drawings lol just an idea


  3. Not here to make your day for now since I havent field tested any ideas Im giving you. Your position is specific. I used to think of myself as an artist, but animes and Shinkawa style doesnt really smell like Da Vinci to me.

    - Have them already been painted by you, clothed. My guess is you want that cool little process where she's cool getting painted by you off the bat. That's pretty hard in my book. It's one of those less raunchy things that are actually harder to than lay the chick imo, especially if she doesn't know you too well. Paint em a few times, they'll get comfortable with you. Mention how you'd love to paint them / think some of her features are unique. Paint her with clothes and follow through.

    - Lay them first, mention how you'd like to paint them. Having laid you she'll be really comfortable with you.

    - Do you want to paint them for personal reasons or business reasons? Im curious about whats going on with setting up a classified for them to answer to. Lot less work, but then again Im sure theres a reason why you arent doing this.

    If a girl wanted to paint me I'd have to get drunk before she got that out of me, but thats just me haha. Talk is cheap so remember this isn't field tested I just wanted to help another artist out. FR is something happens. GL


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