HOW the hell do you show her you dont care?

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  1. HOW the hell do you show her you dont care?

    HI ALL, I need some serious PUA HELP. Ive been goin out with my girlfirned for a YEAR now and she has recently started goin to tafe and she tells me how this guy talks to her, for some reason I get really jealous but I dont show it to her, I JSUT DONT KNOW HOW TO ACT when she mentions other guys talking to her, is there a tactic? In the bak of my head im paranoid she might cheat although I know she wont but anythings possible..

    by the way I was the KING OF AFC's now ima fukn PUA but ever since my GF i havent tried pickin up like i used to..

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    I get the same way. I guess the best advice is not to react, and go hang out with some other girls. Guys make up half the population, your girlfriend is gonna talk to one sooner or later.

  3. The best way to counter jelousy is to not react to it at all.
    You show you dont care by actually NOT caring.

    I know thats a lot harder to do when you have feelings and do care.
    But thats why its even more important to show you dont care.

    Be non-reactive when she is trying to cause a reaction.
    As soon as you feel you are being tested go into "doesnt phase me" mode.
    Its her way of seeing if she can control your emotions.
    Seeing if she can effect you.
    Seeing if she can play with you and gain control over you.

    Dont ler her effect your emotions effect her's.

    You dont control a woman through demands but through her emotions.
    Dont say i dont like it when you say or do that.
    Play her games. If she talks guys talk girls or just tell her cool good for you and go onto another suject right away.
    Remember dont let her effect you let you effect her.

    Thats the best i can give from what i know of your situation.

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    Jealousy is a bitch....It took me a while to get it out of my system. I still get that twinge from time to time but I never show it, at least not in an insecure bitchy manner. The only time it ever really gets to me is if my girl is displaying prefferential treatment towards some other guy. Even then I still have a hard time showing that it bothers me.

    I have an ex that was crazy jealous and would try incescantly to make me jealous just to show me how it feels but I knew what she was doing and never gave her that response. However some girls feel secure when there man is the jealous type. They want to have set boundries.


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