just graduated...career advice/what to do?
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    just graduated...career advice/what to do?

    Hey I am in a bit of a pickle here:

    I recently graduate from a university with a BA in Economics...now I am looking for a job. I have 7 years of sales and managerment experience (managing 3 people). This employment agency is trying to set me up with all these interviews, but they are all for sales positions and most pay only 30K. My current jobs pays nothing (~24K/year)...so this is still a bump up, but all of my friends are saying that I shouldn't settle for anything below 40-45K.

    So what do you think? Should I continue trying to get business analyst position that I want (pays on average 55K) or settle for $30K and work my way up? The problem is that I've been looking for jobs for the past 2 months with no good leads...although I just began looking at the business analyst, project manager and other analyst postions few weeks ago. On one hand I can get a lower paying job fairly quickly here (I must sign 6 month contract though), OR I can continue looking until I get what I really want. My friends suggest the second option. What do you think? Or if you have other job suggestions, let me know.


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    would you settle for a 6 if you could get an HB8 or better?

    hold out for the second option
    uyou will be making mroe money and if thats what you want to do then you will do better than you would with less money and a field you've already spent a good portion of a decade working in

    my advice also includes looking hard
    I was doing this same thign looking for accounting job
    they are out there I was just lazy and didn't look hard


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