*FR* F-close - Direct Game - LIBERTARIAN & Sheik - Dubai - Holiday Makers!
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    *FR* F-close - Direct Game - LIBERTARIAN & Sheik - Dubai - Holiday Makers!

    I’m at home chilling out, I was thinking about sarging but didn’t take the time to invite anyone out, so I’m surfing the net for 2nd hand cigarette butts, when a wing sheik calls me up, its about 11pm…


    ‘LIBERTARIAN, you wouldn’t believe who iv just spoken to…’

    ‘you wouldn’t believe this chick iv got on the go at the moment…’

    ‘hang on, my story is better…[insert MPUA name] just called me and wants to….’

    So were talking about pick up and shit when I suggest we get out for a drink to talk more about it.

    We agree at a usual hang-out we use, rock up about 30 mins later, the place is banging, its ladies night, its fucked up because we actually wanted to talk instead of sarge, wrong place, wrong time...as iv id ever thought id be typing THAT! Anyway, we get a drink, and the doormen whom love us, get us a little spot where its quieter, still couldn’t hear shit, but tried to talk. I suggested we bounce off, get a shisha & a bite where its quieter. We finish out drinks and get a place where call up food and hookah, sheik kicks my ass at checkers 3 times! I shouldn’t have taught him the rules!

    Its about 2am, when a common friend of ours, more shikes friend however calls us up and tells us there’s a few chicks with him, if we’d like to meet up? We do, why not! As a friend needs wings to occupy the obstacles and who are we to refuse meeting chicks right?!

    We meet at sheiks place, take drinks over the poolside, and get introduced. We strecth out on sun-beds, Ali, who brought the chicks has brought along 2 girls and one gay guy…wtf! Anyways, there all Indonesian. 2 of them work here, 1 is on holiday. Ali’s girl is a resident as is the gay guy, but the cute little Indonesian chick is on holiday. We have drinks and chat. The girls are pretty drunk, the gay guy is like their protector! Haha!

    After a few drinks, everyone is pretty pissed, except for me, so I’m being strategic, I suggest playing truth or dare. Ali slys off to the other side of the pool with his chick, whom ill call an HB??5 and starts a heavy make out session. School boy error in my opinion, why start something you dont have the logistics to finish?

    I find out the gay guy thinks I’m hot, sheik dips his head in the pool and does a strip tease, I’m truthing all the way, telling people about the last time I had sex, in great detail. I could tell the gay dude was getting a hard-on, the drunk Indonesian chick, Marisa, hb6.5 was getting wet, I can feel it was going somewhere, but she’s far too drunk for my liking. She slides on top of me and rests her head on my chest as she starts to go to sleep, as the truth or dare fizzles out, i let it as im tired and satisfied at having seen marisa deep throat a champagne bottle, show me her boobs, then pass out on my chest, I’m chatting to the gay dude, who is actually a really nice guy! Ali runs off to grab a camera in his car, in the mean while sheik ‘occupies’ his set…hah! Jacked! I’m sat there with the sun coming up at 5am with a drunk chick asleep on top of me and a gay dude that wants my ass. Sheik an ali are trying to get a 3some out of this chick, but she isn’t having any of it.

    At about 6am, alis too drunk to drive his friends home so I do instead. After a mission in Dubai traffic, i drop our new friends home, I exchange numbers with marisa and tell her ill call her later on.

    I’m dropping sheik home at his place when I send marisa a text message, I didn’t have anything to lose, she wasn’t too hot, only here on holiday so I thought ‘hey Chico, wanna fuck?’ will suffice it did, evidently!

    We phone fuck for a while, she gives me her email address, tells me to send her a pic of my cock…I do, she likes it. She agrees to come over and ‘hangout’ I tell her to bring her friend along, hb5, as sheik is going to be here and wants company. She does.

    After plenty of fucking around they turn up at my place, its about 11.30 at night and I’m feeling tired, after not sleeping the night before, working the day and only catching a few hours between the chicks coming over. Unfortunately, the gay dude came along as well. It didn’t concern me as I was planning on leaving them with a bottle of hypnotic whilst I show marisa some…’cool pics!’ we sit in the living room of my flat for about an hour, playing tunes chatting, showing people some of the décor in my flat and having a few drinks. Marisa's sitting on my lap in one of my single seats as we talk over the coffee table, she’s got her hand on my chest, and as sheik takes over the conversation, I whisper in Marisa’s ear, ‘you cant even begin to imagine what im thinking about doing to your right now...would you liek to see something cool?’

    ‘Id love to‘, she says outloud, as she grabs my hand and I lead her to the bed room. We sit in front of the pc, she shows me the website for the company she works for, some commodities trading company in Indonesia, she adds herself to her messenger list, I show her pics of myself, friends, work and family, I get all of that out of the way in about 15 mins, when I tell her to close the door and make herself comfortable. She does, as I undo my top button and pull her on top of me, were sitting in the office chair I have in my bedroom, maing out hardcore, she’s sucking my tongue, pulling my ears, scratching down my back and gyrating herself on my lap, im getting hard, she notices, after about 5 mins of making out and grabbing at each others body parts…sheik bursts in…I assume he was expecting to see me naked on top of her in the gibbon position,. Sheik took some cigarettes from my desk, he closed the door on the way out and we got back to making out.

    I picked her up off my lap, and moved her to the bed, I lay down next to her and we talked for about 10 mins about travel, family and goals in life. I cut that short by saying, ‘why don’t you take your clothes off, I think they’d look better on the floor’ she reaches for her top, I help her out, she has small breasts, infact she’s small all over, she’s 28, got a child, no husband, didn’t say anything about a boy friend. Nice figure.

    Im thinking about weather or not she has a tight pussy on account of squeezing a child out. She did. I was surprised.

    After her top came off, the bra did, there was no discussion or LMR as I pulled her hair back and sucked on her nipples, but I didn’t do that for too long, as I could feel hairs…FUCK THAT! Not nice at all! I moved her so her head was on the pillow as I turned out the light and kissed down her stomach, the jeans came off, actually I just ripped them off, including the panties, she was totally naked, no fuckin around as she opened her legs and I got that usually sent of sex rising up, she was already wet. I went down on her after kissing her from her stomach down to her ankles then back up through the inside of her thigh to the hole I was about to bust open!

    I was again, pleasantly surprised at how tight she actually was. I guess thats the same for most far eastern chicks.

    So im gong down on her, my shirt comes off and so do the pants, she pulls the covers over and pushes me on my back, I get fucking QUALITY head! I swear! She licked & sucked on my nuts & everything. Deep throated, hummed…the lot! It was nice, I was happy for her to just stay down there, but then thoughts of being tired and probably only able to dash over her once came over me. So I pulled her chin upwards, and guided her next to me as I reached into the bedside table and pulled out a condom, iv got these ultra fine ones, they feel real good! elite, from durex. I recommend them. So I put the condom on, she grabs the fuck stick and without hesitation stuffs it inside her, from that point on I guessed she liked to get fucked hard, so I fucked her pretty hard, she came after 10 mins of me doing her whilst I was on top, I wasn’t even kissing her, just banging away like some sort of tool, it was good though.

    Then she jumped on top, she rode well, lifting herself high off my stomach and pushing down fast. I think she liked to grind on my pelvic bone, but there was about an inch that wouldn’t go in form this position, so after about 5 mins, I bend her over, put her hands on the head rest and bashed her from behind, this is when I thought we might start waking people up, the head board was banging against the wall at quite a rate, moaning and squeaking came from the bed, I was sure I was going to see sheik appear and start wanking off next to the door or someshit! It didn’t bother me, as long as he didn’t touch me! What’s worse is, we could have woke the gay guy up and he’d come in thinking I was murdering his friend, but instead may have felt inclined to stroke one out as i did his friend! Fuck knows, no-one walked in anyway.

    I told her I was close to cumming, she already came twice after I screwed her from behind for about 10 mins, when she pulled me out, put me on my back, ripped the condom off and deep throated me until I came in her mouth. She swallowed. It sounded as though she was going to be sick a for a few seconds, but It was awesome anyway, I wasn’t expecting it all, I guess that’s what made it ever better than usual!

    After that, we cuddled for a bit, pillow talk and all the rest of it, id sooner have been smoking a cigarette but I played along. I got a drink of water, checked up on sheik, I gave him the thumbs up, he pulled away a cushion of mine to reveal what I could have only assumed to have been a damp patch on his crotch, I signalled him in to the kitchen, more so for the sake of my new cushions! he told me about how the patch was a combination of a joint effort. Fair play! I walked away telling him I was going to fuck Marisa again and that he’s welcome to watch! Haha! I think he went back to sleep at that point. So I handed a drink to Marisa, we had a chat, she started to fall asleep, I wanted more sex. So told her I was going to lick her pussy.

    She opened up her legs again and after about 5 mins she was cuming on my face. I was stroking her gspot but she didn’t like it, and I couldn’t bothered to explain the fact she wasn’t actually going to piss on me, non the less I got her off, she returned the favour by sucking me off then riding me until I came, she swallowed my load again.

    I gotta hand it to the girl, I owe her some respect! He got 2 full loads and just dealt with them! Slag!

    So I was briefly awoken in the morning by a long kiss on the lips from Marisa, I kissed back and she left. I was still in bed as sheik dropped them all off home. I scratched my nuts, got a scent of sex, rolled over and went back to sleep.

    Couldn’t have been a better one night stand if I tried! So easy to set up, sheik did most of the leg work, got his piece, and I had no LMR. She even was a good fuck.

    Although at one point, after the sex, she told me she didn’t have one-night stands, at all. I didn’t believe her, but I told her anyways, ‘this isn’t a one night stand, I prefer to call it an infinite night stand. You’ve always got a friend in Dubai and the UK, and iv always got a friend in Indonesia. We’ll hook up again sometime soon, but this isn’t a one night stand.’ I just didn’t want her to feel like a slut anymore than she may have already, but she seemed pretty comfortable around me, always had an arm around my chest or a leg over my waist.

    I know she got fucked well too, according to sheik its all she could talk about in the car. Anyways, this wasn’t really game, the girls were begging to be fucked, it was too easy. But she wasn’t a dog, was in good shape and knew exactly what she was doing.

    I’ll recommend one thing, the next time your laying a chick, whilst your ontop, grab both her hands, and push them into the bed, with your hands ontop of hers, I don’t know what it is but they fucking love it, being dominated like that.

    Anyways, this was the result of very direct game, a gamble, but everyone came out on top non the less!

    ‘Hey Chico…Wanna fuck?’ - I think I got it off Scarface, the game on the PS2!!

    Creds to SHEIK, a trusty wingman in Dubai for doing the leg work!

    Go in peace,

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    Nice FR man, liked it.

    Your game is similar to mine, eventhough there wasn't much gaming involved here, just naturalness in my opinion.

    I gotta hand it to the girl, I owe her some respect! He got 2 full loads and just dealt with them! Slag!
    Made me giggle

    Keep em' comin and I'll keep reading!


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