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  1. girl ignores neg

    I know this shy korean girl and I know she always gets nervous around me (she plays w her hair, is not at easy when she sits beside me, etc). But even when I make a move, or hint that I like her, or even make a sorta statement of intent, it's like she's dumb and she doesnt get it. One day she's cold the other hot. We've been hanging around and I think she's not that nervous around me anymore, but I threw a neg and she sorta ignored it with a funny comment. Is this good or bad?

    I'm reading the posts on asian girls, but there is not a lot of info. If you've dated korean girls or know about the culture pls share cz Im going up the wall!!


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    the neg wasnt good enough...a womans response to a neg is usually a playful punch to the arm or if she says "you're mean!!" in a whiny kind of voice. Now she wants to qualify herself infront of you (by a *close, #close, or asking to dance with you)...then if shes really hot or if you just wanna keep having more fun DQ her like no tomorrow...

  3. neg this neg that
    people think it's as black and white as that but it's not - you have to calibrate

    korean girls have two types. shy and normal. the shy ones just means they become normal later on.
    don't neg the shy ones. you neg to in a sense lower their value and bring yours up. if she's shy you already have higher value.

    best thing is to do CF on them. Cold read them. Ask why they're so shy and bet that they're crazy lunatic underneath.

  4. Thanks for the advice. Will try that out.

    I am curious if this means anything. I mean, at the beginning she was shy bt if I threw a neg she'd get so self conscious and cover her face, if for example, I said that she had something on her nose. Now she jokingly said, "oh common" , though she still scratched her nose, but it just wasnt the same.

    So i think she's getting used to me which is better, because before she was too scared of me.

    ...ah and one more thing, I know that if they sit beside you and they play w their hair thats and IOI but what is they keep doing something to their breasts every 10 minutes or so. I mean, it was like she was trying to fit her breasts in her bra or something. Anyone know if this is just some weird behaviour or it has a meaning?

    thanks again

    EDIT: also before she was looking a lot into my eyes all the time when we were talking, now it's less eye contact. I think it is because she's becoming comfortable with me.
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  5. you don't want to get into friend zone

    how many hours you been hanging out together? have you shown any interest or SOI yet?

  6. I've shown IOIs before(4 months) and it was like she didnt understand what I was saying. Now I've shown some too and we both joked ab it, so i guess that was cool.

    Well, we've been away for the winter term Jan-Apr so we started seeing each other on May 1st-4 days, but out of those I'd say 2 hours together.

    She invited me to go to the gym w her; I'm not sure how to take that, but I already know my schedule won't allow me.

    I plan on keep doing kino in order not to slip into LJBF land.

  7. teasing and CF -> kino did the trick

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    I dont think Asian girls are too into the whole "neg" thing, it might be more part of a Western way of approaching women. Big cultural difference if you ask me.

  9. This is a big generalization and there's of course a variety of types, but I've dated three Korean women and know a bunch of their friends too. So here goes: Generally they have the following qualities: Very observant and curious but may not verbalize it. They'll notice and wonder about every move you make. They may seem shy but more it is that they may not know how to respond to as many cultural cues especially if their parents were adult immigrants, as their childhood wasn't typically American, so they'll hold off on responding until they are certain of their actions. They are often very family oriented with strong values. Women are usually THE boss in the home. They are strong willed. They are passionate once they trust you.

    They respond to the same qualities in men that most women do: Leadership, intelligence, kindness. Probably you don't need to neg unless she's very hot or fiesty.

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    First of all what type of neg was it?

    If your hanging out with this girl, then theoretically you should be in comfort....only tease negs should be use in comfort.

    Second, it doesnt matter if you dont get a what for a reaction...this is needy behaviour...

    in saying that even if she doesnt doesnt mean the neg didnt work...

    Whenever you throw negs....stack straight away. DO NOT wait for a reaction.


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