street sargin, wats ur approach? review of sinn approach

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    street sargin, wats ur approach? review of sinn approach

    im working on my street sarging game, if u guys have any tips that will be great. in street sarging u dont have that much time especially when the hb set is coming towards u. now do u still ask opinion or not? sinn had the following to say:
    For moving street sets I recommend going direct

    You gotta figure a moving street set has LEGITIMATE time constraints so she will not be able to talk that long I like to use this opener/# close technique;

    "Hey i noticed you from across the street etc... and I knew that if i didn't come over here and see if there was more to you than meets the eye, I would be kicking myself all day. I'm Sinn."

    My question is that line works???

    Sinn continues.....
    Then I qualify briefly and say,

    " I really have to go now, but I want to talk to you again, so let's exchange numbers. i promise nothing but good conversation, and if we get along on the phone, maybe we will meet up later. Provided you don't weird me out."

    So in summary sinn says the following and gets #close thats it???

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    Well if Sinn says it, it must be right....

  3. It goes against all the indirect mystery stuff, but with the right frame that would be perfect for a situation where time is a real limitation. Also I'd imagine there is a relatively high chance of a flake on the number, but I havent field tested this so try it out and see.

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    you could always run game on the phone, although I am a huge advocate of VA a true PUA should have a diverse set of skills under his belt.

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    i go like this

    stop i like u i want to get to know u
    comfort chat
    instant date and then i take number !
    thats it

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    this kind of approch worked for me fiew times,but you must have the rigt atitude of an alfa male,and you should have the mindset that she is lucky to met you and that you are the prise not her.

  7. For a moving set this seems like one of the only openers that would work....along with the "Oh my god!" openers

  8. Only way to find out is to try it... and try it until it works


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