Attention all Christian Pua's
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    Attention all Christian Pua's

    God is love, patient, and kindness...The devil is Pride, deception,evil, lust ..and pu is using deception to get girls because of lust.This is why i believe it is wrong.every aspect (neg, dhv,games), its all deception because your not using love, patience, kindness...The bible talks about at the end when Christ returns, and all of the idoltors, and the sexual sinners will be thrown in hell. I believe this applies to everyone who is following Mystery, because he is a false prophet...Some of the people in this forum praise him like he is God...Really he is only contributing to our problems of Lust, deception, and pride because everything that he preaches is not the Truth. He is not a Saviour, he cannot forgive anyone for our sins..The bible talks about inner purity, restraining ourselves from the desires of the flesh(sexual immortality,greed, lust)...It has taken me a while to figure this out, be i finally understand know, which is why i will be leaving this community..I just hope that everyone understands that our body is the Temple of the Holy Spirit and we need to be pure..We are at a time now where evil is stronger than ever, and the enemy will do anything he can to turn everyone away from God, because he is running out of time...which is why i urge all of you to leave this forum..i am no preacher, but i learned alot from being in this game for a short can get all the HBS in the world, but believe me your souls will be burning...believe me at the end, it is not worth it...for what has a man profited when he gains all the pleasures of the world, but loses his own soul.I urge you to get out immediately, don't die in the lust of your flesh..

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    Christian Pua
    is that an oxymoron?

    Delete the thread please. There are other places to talk about your spiritual beliefs. Thanks.

    Mystery nor anyone else is not claiming to be some kind of prophet so you can quit with the false accusation.

    There was sure a lot of love and kindness to those students at VT.
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    This has to be a joke. This guy can't be real.

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    rant much?

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    Quote Originally Posted by swavez View Post
    its all deception because your not using love, patience, kindness...
    Yeah but chicks hate love, patience, and kindness. Approaching women following the ideas you list will get you LJBFed every time.

  7. I'm sorry but I don't believe in god! Next...

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    Quote Originally Posted by swavez View Post
    The bible talks about inner purity, restraining ourselves from the desires of the flesh(sexual immortality,greed, lust)...
    Actually, if you'd like to debate this I'd be happy to. It was actually Paul who brough the issues with sex into the bible. Jesus never said a word about abstinance or "keeping yourself pure", he never said a word about homosexuality, and he never said a word about sexual immorality except insofar as to say to follow the original ten commandments (which explicitly prohibity "adultery", which is married people having sex with someone other than their spouse). Paul never met Christ. Paul was a zealot. As Saul of Tarsus, he captured, tortured, and executed Christian men, women, and children. He was a bit of a Saddam Hussein kind of character.

    He had serious issues with sexuality, and while the reasons are debated, it is proposed that he either had some kind of physical disfigurement (described in II Corinth.) which might have been to his genetalia, leaving him scarred emotionally when it comes to matters involving sex, and it has even been suggested that he was a repressed, self-hating homosexual (because he was a zealous Jew, under whose law homosexuality was punishable by death and eternal damnation), who turned his own self-hatred outward when evangelizing his faith. What is not questioned is that Paul was the first and most ardent biblical figure to make such a huge issue out of sex, and while the reasons are debated, it is not under question that all of this came from Paul.

    Paul might well be the most influential person in all of history in the creation of Christianity, surely without him there would be no Christianity at all. But Paul never had any intention of creating a new religion, he was trying to change Judaeism. He was preaching immediate lessons in morality because he thought the end of the world was emminent (guess his was wrong about that one), not dogma to be enforced by the letter for the next couple of millenia. The other Apostles openly rejected Paul, and said he did not represent Christ's church.

    Add to all of this the fact that the modern bible was drastically changed during the council of Nicea in 325 in an attempt to bring all the different Christian sects together as a single church (books removed wholesale, books changed or re-written, etc), and what you have is a partially complete document largely based around a rejected apostle who never even met Jesus's writings, in the face of historical evidence that he had mental and emotional issues and bias on the topic of sex.

    So, rather than telling me what this book, which I can counter-quote you from for days if that's what you want, says on the topic, why don't you tell me what God thinks about such things as sexual immorality and lust? Or even Jesus, I'd take any verifiable quote from him as gospel, if you'll pardon the pun.


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    Ok, first of all, are you catholic? I am not and I believe, god has forgiven all our sins already. Basically that means I can do whatever I want to, as long as I stick to god. Anyway, this would not be right and I know it. Nevertheless I think you see this a bit too seriously. Everyone should live a happy life. Many of us in this forum came here, because we did not lead a happy life. We were desperate because we could not share our love with girls. We all look sooner or later for one special woman in our life that will make us and her happy. Even Mystery does. This is why I donīt see this as something evil. Also Mystery is not God. Even if some say, he is a god, they do not really compare him to our Creator. It is a common saying "Blabla is a god", but it is not their true belief. So stop worrying about such things and make yourself a better person by incorporating some of the skills this Forum can teach you. Jesus will love to see you become a happy person and become confident with the ladies.

    Keep on praying and sarging.

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    Guys, seriously. Am I the only one who believes this is a joke?


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