Is it bad if you give her your number
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    I live in Santa Monica CA. I've been here or almost a year now going to college.

    Is it bad if you give her your number

    Even though I have gotten numbers before I prefer to give mine to her. especially on the back of a business card from an upper scale shopping establishment in beverly Hills or Somewhere out of the country.
    The reason is that when I would ask a girl for her # I would always feel like I was tipping my hand and letting her know I was too interested. But by giving her my # I indicate that She has to come to me. And after she calls me she cant exactly play hard to get. She;s already shown interest. It also puts it on her timeframe and gives her time to think it out and get comfortable with the idea of being with me. But when she does call I tell her now isn't a good time and I have to go. But I will talk to her tomorrow. Sure enough like clockwork I make my calls at 12 oclock the next day and apologize about yesterday but I was in the middle of something. Then I ask her if she's still up for that surf lesson or wants to come to a barbecue on the beach. I just wanted some feedback from anyone with real life experience with this particular problem. Its just one that I'm having a hard time with.Thanx alot.

  2. No I don't think its bad. I do it.

    I'm under no time constraint to get hooked up with any particular chick, so there's no rush for me. Hence giving my number isn't bad from my personal perspective.

    Usually I'll give her my number first and it'll put me into a position where it'll be seemingly arrogant of me not to ask her for her no. back - usually i'll just point out 'i guess i gotta ask you for your number than' or 'so i suppose its only fair game that I get your number now huh'..

    But if she doesn't want to give it.. its cool with me.

    Point is, if you're under a time constraint to get laid by friday.. then go get your number.. cuz alot can happen between now and the time she calls 3 days later... 'busy' 'work' etc etc..

    Sometimes calling a couple of days can be good to 'remind her' gently. cuz unless you're reallly really smooth.. chances are she might not come running back all that fast.

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    In my experience, really hot girls don't care enough to make the effort to call guys at first. Plenty men call them, and if there’s not enough investment, they forget quickly what they felt previously.

    If you are getting girls to call you, that’s good work. If she feels like she’s perusing you, she’ll be more sexually motivated. When a girl asks for my number, she’ll do so with some sort of non-date excuse. Most often I respond with “nah, give me yours.” You can joke this off by telling her you ignore unknown numbers because of a stalker or whatever.

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    Girls can be pretty crap about returning phone calls and isn't it a classic mistake to offer your phone number to a girl? It's very easy for her to take it and not give her yours. Just as if you say "can i have your number?" she can easily refuse.

    You've gotta try to work the conversation so that she suggests a number exchange. One thing Juggler recommends is saying "hey, i really enjoyed talking to you about (insert topic), what steps can we take to continue this conversation?" or some variation thereof.

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    Eh not really.

    I mean, it's like using money from "Monopoly" in "the Game of Life." It's not really that big of a deal, of course if someones a prick, it's all worth less than worthless, but if you all accept it as convention, then a good time will be had.
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    I have I guess like most guys done it both ways I gave given and recieved. The upside about giving her your number is that she is likely to feel more at ease and not hastled but on the downside she may never call and you may have blown that chance..

    So what I tend to do from time to time is just exchange numbers as Styles had said give her your number than tell her to call it right away and that way you have hers also!


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