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    Quote Originally Posted by Rick
    Great review.
    I think if I ever do a boot camp I will do mystery's.
    Mystery is the pioneer on the field and I would think his guys are just as good.
    Hey Masters... does mystery go out on the field with students yet? does it cost more?
    Mystery doesn't do bootcamps very often anymore unless they're special.
    I'd suggest going with Sinn or Maximus instead though. They're better at teaching newer guys. I've heard guys say Mystery's sometimes too advanced to watch and learn from as easily as some of the other instructors. I don't mean to say hes not good at teach, its just harder to learn from the guy because he's incorporated so much into his personality and does so much without thinking.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Voo
    That's pretty crazy rivalry, the two companies must be really starting to compete against each other now.
    I would generally agree but Mystery is the original, the first, the best. Tyler and his crew, Badboy, everyone else learned from him. When no one was doing seminars and bootcamps, Mystery started the whole segment. (well, there were seminars before, but no bootcamps that I know of). I was hooked on RSD at first, around when I first joined, but after much reading I decided a long time agi that I needed the expertise of the people who deal with the master. People who still are on good terms with him and are not in competition but cooperation. I have so much optimism towards these guys and their product, so I am doing all that I can to get to SF in 2 weeks to begin my journey.
    fad3r, when did you take the bootcamp?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaden Smooth
    fad3r, when did you take the bootcamp?
    Vegas. Doing hired guns and attraction magic end of april
    EDIT: And contary to what some might think I have nothing against RSD. I think Tyler is brilliant HOWEVER there have been NUMEROUS negative reveiws of their bootcamp. I dont think I have EVER read a negative review of MM
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  4. real social dorks. they are out to RIP your money cause u suck as a whole and they brainwashed you like a piece of pork sticking in your left left index which you use to pick your nose.

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    Tyler Durden & RSD is a Scam? (This is one for the books folks)

    Thundercat has an "insider" who got a hold of some posts at their hidden RSD ( real social dynamics) forum..
    Anyways, has anyone taking their bootcamp? If so, how did it go....I have a friend who went to their bootcamp and tolled me the instructers are extremely LOW quality, however, he STILL didn't file a complaint. He just said, "they tooled me".....he is a very timid guy.
    You guys can read more about it here ===>> http://www.thundercatseduction|||||||||/

  6. Look at the comments he got before, he only starts back pedalling now. Obviously he has beef with RSD.
    TD is a great material source and is into a scam. But from what I know hes not at every sem? if thats so, I dont think the other pua instructors are anywhere near TD's caliber

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    600$ ???
    Dude, the RSD seminars are way more expensive than that.
    You're obviously talking about the RSD superconference. The superconference is NOT an in-field workshop. You just get to listen to Tyler and his exec coaches for 3 days.
    Interesting opportunity for the average community-fanboy, but not advisable for gaining in-field experience.
    How about using those 600$ for upgrading your wardrobe and spending some money on going out?
    Think about it.

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    Don't consider RSD for boot camps, from what I hear those guys are not up to par with MM instructers...hell, RSD is a rip off of MM.
    Here's what MYSTERY WROTE 15 minutes ago!!
    Mystery wrote:
    ">1. Lovedrop said you betrayed underscore, why was he so angry?
    Because he and Mystery had admitted a number of stundents into Mystery's lounge who paid for the privellege, thinking it WAS underscore, they then deceived them in order to keep the secret.
    Here's what REALLY happened. I was training new guys and wanted to let my students into Mystery's Lounge. Some current members were against it because they didnt want a "bunch of newbies" in. I told them that being personally trained by me (remember who in the community WAS already trained by me) would mean they'd be up to speed inside 6 months to contribute meaningfully back to the community. So there was so much upset that I got pissed that they would presume I was incapable of teaching others as I had them. So I thought, fuck that. Ill train up a NEW BATCH of PUAs. And guess what? It worked. I washed my hands of the OLD MYSTERY'S LOUNGE and they changed the name to UNDERSCORE. I then opened a NEW MYSTERY'S LOUNGE, transferred existing members to it if they chose to engage in discussions with guys who had just been through a bootcamp. What people THOUGHT would happen was a bunch of newbies would ask stupid questions and tank the integrity of posts. Instead what happened is we got all these new people who, after meeting me, became DEDICATED to this elegant artform. And now I have turned several former students into approach coaches and we have over a dozen bootcamps lined up from LA to NYC to Sydney Australia lined up in the next quarter. I just flew back yesterday from Lovedrop's bootcamp in Phoenix. I came in to surprise the boys (and handle the news interview there in the VIP section of E-4 where I made out with two girls inside 10 minutes (both of which I met the day before - one of which was GF material I feel) and get away for 3 days from my quality problems back here in Vegas.
    So UNDERSCORE became defunct. Mystery's Lounge is filled now with TRAINED PUAs, some of which now train OTHERS.
    Now, did my project work? magnificantly. Mystery's Lounge is password protected, security is tight, there's a great culture in there (less flaming when you have MET and sarged in real life) where LIKE MINDED INDIVIDUALS share challenges. Works for me.
    There was a matter of archiving the old Mystery's Lounge (which got archived and I think Lovedrop has it), and clearing it when the sign was taken down to be replaced with simply an underscore _. With no archive of posts it was like starting over. So some of the boys posted in both places for a while and underscore got smaller and smaller as Mystery's Lounge (the new improved one) got bigger and bigger (afterall, 10 bootcamps in a row make for a shitload of TRAINED PUAs who now a year and a half later have become solid. Ive personally seen improvements as I met with many students of past bootcamps. Again, some of them have become MM instructors. In fact, everyone in my company is a former student ... and GOOD PEOPLE.
    >Most of Mystery's clients are rich, so they can afford it, however Mystery has no answer to making them attractive so he says they've got to change their identity, thereby removing responsibillty for their success. His sick of the 'I'm an accountant' and just ducks the problem by saying its his student problem. His figured out what works for him, but hasn't figured out what will work for 90% of the people who go to his BCs, and yet are nothing like him.
    These comments make absolutely no sense to me. Day 3 of my seminar is all about identity building. I dont just say "Im Mystery and you arent". Its a full day of resolving the question, "Who am I." So forgive me for minimizing your comments to the "you have never even taken a bootcamp or met me" bin.
    >Now Neil's book.
    >Neil shagged TD girlfriend.
    No. He stole a set. VERY DIFFERENT. And TD got laid that night anyways (and I got a BJ the next day haa - good times in Vegas).
    >Neil shagged an 18 year old with 2 brothers at PH, not because of game but because he was revered.
    Bonus round. Just because a chick once in a while throws herself at you because you heated the set with a HOT APPROACH (aka: celeb game, which is different from the cold approach) doesnt mean the cold approach skillset all of a sudden vanishes. Be reasonable.
    >Neil artificially made himself the leader of men by demonstrating routines 'in the field' only, so when he walks into a bar the men are hanging on his every word.
    See thats the neat thing. What exactly is artificial about it? We would (just as I did again this weekend) show students how to run a set LIVE. Seriously, how fucking ballsy is that? And to get the girl again and again (dude, I have stories ... pictures ... video ... of the girls we met and shared ... time ... with ahem), then EXPLAIN how you did it is a fucking EDUCATION. If you are reading this and interested in knowing what others think of our operation click on the MM link on the home page and read some of the testimonials. These arent made up. They are written by guys like you whose only difference is, they TOOK a bootcamp and resolved many questions far beyond "is this for real?" Gentlemen, pickup CAN be learned. And its no secret it can be taught much faster LIVE than via text.
    >Also thundercat, your blug is fine, top quality, its just the posters who suck. Kill the stupid comments. Moderate it, set up a registry, whatever, just fucking DO IT NOW.
    agreed. I read your blog off my 6700 phone. having to scroll through repeat text crap, man. The blog is big enough and sophisticated enough to deserve a signup respect.
    >Thundercat censoring the excerpts, spinning them to show them in a worse light than they are.
    Look, I got an email sometime last year with a link to the RSD board. So I clicked on it and that was that. The password (which I dont remember for the life of me) was embedded. I started reading. And I was ... not "disgusted" ... more "yep, there they go at it again - clown shoes" to read what they were discussing with eachother. They were literally conspiring to fuck with people, namely Style at the time and it was all ... just wrong. Of couse being my good friend, I thought I'd step in ... but then my GF talked me out of it. Afterall, if I step in to protect a friend, I will go just a bit farther than anyone else. I think RSD, namely TD, knows this about me and so they seem to be staying out of my face. It must be my "when I go, Im taking you with me" mentality. And besides, despite all the crap and the misguided mesogynistic machiavellian thoughts that run through TDs head, he can PU. I personally put a lot of my time into that kid. And he's fun to watch. And he's got nuances that are good to add to your game. But a system of PU from TD? Sorry, that's mine. Learn MM structure then take all the other bootcamps, (Style's seminar on DVD is coming - I was there and it was very educational - they brought two girls back from the club and all of them took turned gaming them in the living room - I had my GF with me ... and at the end of the night walked the girl to the car and made out with her haa - I WIN), RSD boys are more frat boy mentality but hey, you'll get to see some PUAs run sets and PULL - always good stuff. Have a structure to put all you see into context though. You can get that structure from Chapter 3 of my ebook (which is free on my site).
    >Also where is lovedrop and Papa?
    I saw Lovedrop making out with a girl this weekend (I opened the set, obstacle1 liked me and he took her and converted to make out, I day2'd my target and made out with her, and he then made out with the other one on the day2 haa). Ive seen him pull girls. Now Papa? I havent seen him game in a LONG TIME ... well over a year and a half or more so what can I say? He is more into the business side and TD is more of the TALENT, but Papa has no problem fuckin' with ya in field and can approach ANYONE. Not too many day2s I hear, but thats not a slag, he's more focused on money than girls (which we all need to balance).
    >Thundercat, why are you doing this war? You are generating so much bad karma, WHY?
    Well, from what I had read of the RSD posts, the post thundercat showed u is just the tip of the iceburg. this is going to be a mounting multi-series of posts. I personally, having trained TD, had him crash on my futon in Toronto dozens of times, allowed him to a dozen bootcamps in exchange for helping me out at them, have had countless PU conversations, lived with him for months at PH, having shared a brief partnership seminar wise, and having seen him mack women LIVE a shitload of times ... so knowing how he thinks and then confirming it with the RSD plotting, I can tell you that they really do conspire and are enemy-centric (and the upcoming posts are damaging). Well just TD ... but he persuades all others (Papa is TD's yes man ... he was once mine so I know) so it wouldnt surprise me if he aligned with people who would easily share his dark perspectives. Are they good PUAs though? Shit yeah. Hang with TD long enough and it'll rub off on you ... with a few extra dark memes which make you even more loyal to him. We all knew TD for what he was and we accepted that at the time because he didnt lower out S&R value. but when he started to, we had disagreements. and STILL, disagreements aside, if I saw TD and the other RSD boys in field and he any of them were working a set Id wing them and help them get the girl. We are PUAs. All other shit aside, we're the fucking INFIELDERS. Hell I meet at least 2 to 3 guys a night who recognize me and come up to ask if Im Mystery and then have a picture taken with me. (Too bad only GUYS haa). Im sure TD is having that same fun. I know Style is.
    Now, is he banking on it? (Meaning, does he try to use his celeb to get the girl if possible?) fuck yeah. thats the whole point of playing HOT APPROACH GAME. I was interviewed on Playtoy TV a coulpe weeks ago. I had to drive all the fucking way to LA from Vegas and back for it. And guys trust me - it was fun to play hot approach from that. That was a good weekend for me. Is it cheating if a guy gets famous and uses his fame? are you kidding me? thats not cheating. thats THE GAME! Im about to make an ALBUM ... of love songs of course.
    OK, great hanging out with you guys as usual (ahhh gossip fodder) but I needs vittles.
    Love !Mystery"

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    Mystery isn't done's what he wrote 8 minutes ago...If you guys don't know who Elvis is he probably has the Worlds recored for laying the most women in bed...he supposedly sleeps with 2-3 different women A DAY!...however, his method can't be thought because he is getting laid in a third World country like Dominican Republic and anyone who is American with a little bit of $$ can be getting laid more than any rock star in america.....anyways, here's what mystery says about him..
    Mystery wrote:
    >How is what Mystery does with "surivival and replication resources" much different from what Elvis does?
    I agree. Elvis has a specific game plan which only works in third world-like countries like the DR. (Ive been to Romania and believe his system would work there too - I think Rick H. played with this type of PU gambit and David D visited I believe). A recap, the basic concept is, as an American, move to the DR, and build a situation where your wing acts as your PA so you appear wealthy (and american). go in OFTEN (if you dont get the girl who cares there are more hot girls), go in DIRECT (off the street - saves time) and DHV up the freakin' wazoo so much so (The PA wing, the massive AI script from him, the car, the flash cash, the clothes) that she agrees to a date back at his house the next day which his PA sets up. Run around all day and by the end of the day youve got a steady stream of applicants. but it only works in the DR.
    I personally think the idea ... is fuckin' GREAT. Id LOVE to do that sometime. This gambit has little to do with COLD APPROACH but its a legit system if you want to do it. In MM, I suggest people move to target rich cities (scottsdale is THEE BEST) to improve their chances DRAMATICALLY. And Elvis suggests if you are American to move to the DR and play his game. Its not which is better, its simply what do you want. Chicken or Beef today.
    >Mystery can just afford American women, where Elvis couldn't (or so he has said).
    Haa, Im doing pretty good these days (search MM vs. RSD traffic to see how much better haa) but I STILL can't afford American Women.
    Love !Mystery

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    Quote Originally Posted by Remy LeBeau
    well, the RSD bootcamp is a bit cheaper than a MM bootcamp and i was actually considering taking it, being in my price range.
    im glad i found this article before i shelled out 600$.
    thanks for the post boys
    What's the difference between RSD and MM?
    The main difference I can see is RSD seems very much high-energy and more on the "be entertaining" frame than the "be interesting" frame of MM.
    Also, RSD seems to be totally based on going after young, party 5 nights a week type girls.
    I'm curious to the difference as I know RSD is the other major indirect school out there, and in their newsletters a lot of the stuff J-Laix talks about it seems like is the same as MM stuff.


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