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    I personally think that LS's content and teaching method is far superior to RSD's (And I've studied both EXTENSIVELY), but they definitely have us beat with their marketing and online presence. We plan on focusing on this going forward and we now have the means to create content that should rival and eventually overtake theirs. Keep in mind that we tend to focus on different markets than RSD. LS's clientele are usually older and more professional than RSD's, and our content will reflect that.


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    That's not really a helpful review. (edit, referring to post 251) I've heard very mixed responses, some were excited, some were appalled.

    I got RSD blueprint back in the day, but it was so weird that I had to struggle to go through all the 18 DVD's I think there was. It just felt like one, long rant where the stuff you needed could be boiled down to 20 minutes.

    Nevertheless, I got hoaxed into buying Real Social Dynamics Hotseat at Home, or hotseat@home as they call it, and it is, quite simply, a scam. They promised something in their advertising (ton of infield). It was not there.. When asked where it was, they said "you don't need infield videos, you need to take action. Are you an actiontaker?" and then 30 RSD fans chimed in repeating that I don't need infield videos.

    Oh ok. But that was what I bought, so give me what I ordered, please (contacted support as well as asked in the Telegram group) Response: "It will be there at the end of the 12 weeks of missions". Someone even said "If you cancel the order, you will be banned from all future programs". Oh nice, coercion too?

    Alright. After 18 weeks, because the missions were always late... we are not only still waiting for the Infield. We haven't even gotten the so-called "mission grand finale", the infield portions are still grayed out. I'm waiting to see what happens, if it's not there within a week or two, it's time to call the credit card company.

    I have been thoroughly unimpressed. It feels like this weird cult. Tyler sells a product. The product is, undeniably, not delivering what it promised. It can't be discussed, it's a fact that what was promised is simply not in the product. There are many people complaining about this on their forum. Notice how all the fanboys joins the discussion and tells you to take action instead of watching products (Fuck off, I bought a product and I watch it when I want to. If I could...). Tyler sold an unfinished product. Nowhere was it stated that it was "mission based" and "work in progress" And no one seems to care. If you question it, you get a response kind of like "Don't consume too much material, be sulf-sustained. BE THE GROUP!!!"

    Yes. Seriously. "Be the group". Like in the initial video where Tyler sits and makes weird sounds, every one is clapping, and you just sit there thinking "Ok, but... show us the material now, please. This is just state-pumping, it may be fun if you're there, but now it's just strange"

    And this is where the "cult-feeling" kicks in. When you are 100% certain of what you want and what you bought, and you don't get it, and then have a bunch of people saying "we're not giving you what you want, but what you need", you get this eery feeling I imagine you get if you join a Scientology meeting or a pyramid-marketing scam.

    The youtube videos are a good example of what I experienced, on a lower scale. Notice how 90% of the content of 90% of the videos are just mentioning mindsets and ideas, but never really seems to get to the point? That's NOT a coincidence guys. Some will say "but they don't mention their products, so it's not marketing". Yes it is, it's marketing, and it's the worst kind of marketing. The most manipulative kind. It really riles you up, makes you really excited, you're thinking "Yes, THAT is how I want to be! Yes, I DO want to be the man who can go up to any women and have sex with her later that day! Please tell me how to do it!" Then the video ends. You want more. You want to stay in that good state. So you find another video or look for a link. There you go, you are now in the net. Maybe you join a free tour to REALLY feel how it's like to BE A PART OF THE GROUP! Bam, wave goodbye to your money.

    I am so happy I didn't make RSD my main source of information.

    I too hope that Lovesystems will start becoming more active, but please, please, don't start releasing content, just for the content's own sake. RSD spits out so much content that you can hardly wrap your head around it, and seriously. You don't need all that shit. It's not that difficult to connect with women, come on. Think.

    I would, literally, be worried about joining a live program with rsd. Especially the free programs, because we all know that the only reason it's free is because they will try to upsell.

    I was foolish enough to buy two programmes. I don't think I'm extra susceptible to manipulation, but who knows what happens when there's the peer pressure of a lot of fanboys and several very experienced instructors who are masters at reframing. It would be like going with one of those timeshare sellers in Las Vegas. I am 99% sure that I would be able to resist their efforts to sell me something I didn't really need. But then again, these guys are the best marketing people there is, so better safe than sorry.

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    Ah sorry for the lack of info, I should have added more.

    Cajun linked this thread from another one when he called RSD a bunch of turkeys. I made some comments about RSD because Love Systems significantly dropped production over the last couple years and RSD was thriving, so wanted to point it out because there's no reason why Love Systems can't do what RSD does. I wish there was an alternative universe where Love Systems came out with the freetour, hotseat, and free youtube videos because I much more resonated with LS than I did with RSD back in the day.

    So yeah, it was more of a comment to Cajun and I didn't realize that the comment by itself isn't helpful to anyone else lol. I'll be more specific now.

    Definitely sounds like you don't resonate with RSD. I didn't either at first from what I heard about Tyler in The Game.

    Kinda weird that you bought the Hotseat@home when you had such a bad experience with the blueprint, and free videos lol

    I actually attended to Transformational Hotseat as well. It was a day of infields, WORK, and more infields. They said it would be 8 hours and ended up being like 12 hours. But after the program I significantly had a much higher awareness of my emotions. I had a TON of emotions that were in my subconscious, that I am now consciously aware of now thanks to the program. These emotions had a direct effect on my subcommunications, my Game is much stronger now.

    This is a bit of a polarizing program though. There was someone there who just thought it was the weirdest shit every, much like how you describe lol. But I would youtube 'transformational hotseat' and see the videos to see if it's right for you. Those videos are amazing and contain a ton of good info that I definitely recommend people watch even if they're not considering doing the program.

    Blueprint was the most significant PUA product I have ever experienced. Starts out a bit slow picks up around DVD 5 though. Took me over 2 months to get through it, I would watch 15-30 minutes then I would take a day or two to reflect and have what I saw crystallize and make sense of a bunch of past reference experiences.

    I've been to a ton of freetours and they're always amazing. Yeah, at the last 10% of the tour they talk about their bootcamps and hotseats, but they do it in a value giving way. For example, to upsell their hotseats they show raw uncut infields of their pickups and explain the nuances of what's going on. Afterwards there's a short networking opportunity where people find wings to go out that night. It's definitely not like a timeshare thing. You can't even buy anything at the freetour, you have to wait until you go home and sign up online.

    But RSD yeah is not for everyone. I know plenty of people who HATE it and highly resonate with Simple Pickup. But I find your descriptions of it bizarre and a bit schizophrenic to be honest.

    I don't think RSD releases content for contents sake. A lot of it was good and you can pick and choose what you want to watch. Todd for deep technical breakdowns. Tyler for inner game nuances. Luke for social circle game etc. I think Love Systems should not shy away from putting out content just because it might 'confuse' some newbie. This reminds me people in the late 90s arguing that internet news will never work out because people won't be able to wrap their heads around 'too much content'.

    I would recommend people watch some of their free vids, and if they like it, check out some more.Here are a few of my favorites from my bookmarks tab:

    If you take a look I don't think they focus too much on midsets. It's a good balance of inner game, how it manifests in your sub communications, direct subcommunication work, and technique/outter game; often tying the whole thing together with an infield example. And yes from my experiences, the paid content is always superior to the the free content.

    In summary, I think LS should absolutely pursue a model where they give away free content, and trust that if people like it they will buy their paid products. It's a proven model. And from his posts it looks like that's the direction Cajun has decided to go with. I hope they also don't shy away from 'stealing' some of RSD's models because the whole PUA industry pretty much just builds off of each others innovations.

  4. One of my biggest regrets was that, I missed the Julien Hot seat which he no longer does anywhere in the world.

    I think he went a bit nuts for click bait reactions but, our world and mainstream society pushes a lot of misandry. Dads are dead beats because a woman left with his kids. Men are bad. Pickup is bad. I like rsd because of the ongoing endless hits of content, the free seminars like free tour, and even budget content like hot seat or more expensive stuff like summit or a bc.

    Since the julien shit storm, I have watched from a distance, and now they do this stupid passport thing. Ashley Madison got hacked. If you were to have been apart of that, your life could go tits up, and the fallout could be unimaginable. I have been doing this for quite a bit of time.Overall, I think what they push is pretty good content and they don't even acknowledge their competition. You never here them talk about this product or that company. Tyler mentions Mystery only because he was his mentor but, its never in attack mode.

    I miss RSD Alex. He was really good though, he pushed having a visa company card too much in a hotseat. It seemed very try hard and he didn't end up pulling so, it was kind of annoying. She was also a single mom so, not all that impressive but, he then avenged himself by smashing a model in hotseat content. He did it like a blip or like in fight club where you see Tyler and then he disappears. Alex did that only it was him smashing a rocket of a model and then not. All the rsd students laughed. It was pretty obnoxious. Now he has alex social. I rarely see it but, he is good but a manlet in real life. Really short shockingly actually so its impressive he does well though he is a attractive guy.


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