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    Has anyone been to a London RSD bootcamp or one anywhere else in the world for that matter?


  2. Review: RSD bootcamp - A complete ripoff.

    If you are considering taking a RSD bootcamp, I urge you to read this review first.
    Last November I signed up for a RSD bootcamp and I took the Feb 3-5 bootcamp in NYC. While I knew that it isn't a magic pill going into it, I was promised by TD personally over the phone that the bootcamp would be tailored to my individual needs, and would shave a minimum of one year off my game. On top of that, they claim these things on their website:
    "1- We take you out into malls, cafes, restaurants, and clubs to demonstrate how to meet women right in front of you.
    2- We act as your personal wingman and meet women together.
    3- We get you doing it step-by-step (what to say, the right body language, how to create sexual tension, everything.
    4- We work with you and give you the kind of potent and crucial feedback that you need to get this area mastered until you've got it sorted out.
    The program is structured so that even if you've never approached a woman in your entire life, you'll feel totally comfortable and at ease."
    Lies. All lies. They fulfill none of these things; it's just marketing hype to lure an unsuspecting individual into giving them his or her money.
    Before I took my bootcamp, I sent out multiple emails to my instructor and the coordinators stating what I'd like to do during my bootcamp, and what I'd like to accomplish. Because this was supposed to be a customized bootcamp, I requested the majority of the time to be spent in field, as well as adequate demonstration so I could see what "good" looks like, and have a role model to follow. When I brought these things up to my instructor upon meeting him, after he received my email and promised to fulfill my requests, he told me "We'll see." We'll see? Last I checked, I am the customer, am I not?
    I arrived at my bootcamp early in NY to meet my instructor. I was actually thrilled at who my instructor was, as I'd heard he lived for over a year in the Project Hollywood mansion with Mystery and his gang, so his game had to be top notch right? On top of that, it was a 2on1 bootcamp as opposed to a 4on2, meaning more sets, and more attention. Things were looking great. To all those who knew me beforehand, I was very much looking forward to this experience, and went into it with an open mind.
    Or so I thought... My instructor was actually nervous and a bit fidgety upon meeting him. Now I can understand nervousness is human, but it struck me as odd as this is supposed to be a guy who's a mPUA, and has conducted hundreds of workshops. I would soon find out that he is indeed a social robot, and lacks the ability to vibe on anything else besides game. There were many times where I, the other student, and my instructor would be walking down the street, in complete silence. I guess the term "Real Social Dynamics" is used very loosely.
    The first two days of the bootcamp ran from 7:00pm to 2:00am, and we'd spent from 7-11 in a boring seminar, where my instructor drudged on and on, preaching theory and material that I already knew, and can easily be researched via the asf archives (hence why I requested the majority to be field work, and was promised to me beforehand). We'd spent the other 2 and a half hours in a club, where my instructor pushed me into sets. Here's the thing though.. he refused to demonstrate any sets whatsoever. He flat out said no. In fact, during the course of the three days (21 hours) I witnessed him approach a total of four sets, only one that I could actually hear him in. I was highly upset by this as one of the main reasons I decided to take this bootcamp was to see how the masters do it live and up close. I now have second doubts about my instructors ability to perform, as I feel he was making excuses just so he didn't have to approach.
    As far as feedback went, here was the feedback I got after approaching sets at the end of the night. "Good job on approaching man, you did what 99% of asf can't do."
    That was it. No constructive feedback at all. In fact I was so upset with the way things were going, and the complete lack of caring by my instructor, that I actually left the program early one of those days, with no desire to continue. It was so bad, I was tempted to not even attend day three at all.
    Day 3 was a total joke. It ran from 11pm to 6pm. We spent the first five hours of that in another seminar, going over the exact same material we had gone over the first two days. The second hour we went shopping at various clothes stores so my instructor could show us what's currently in style. That was the magic makeover they promise. You can get this same experience watching the fashion channel. Finally, the last hour we spent in field. That's right, a mere one hour on Sunday was spent doing field work. Highly disappointing.
    After this complete waste of money, I emailed TylerDurden the following day, stating my concerns, giving him a chance to somewhat remedy the situation. His replies contained the context of "We have your money now, and there's nothing we're going to do for you." In fact, I didn't even want my money back. I would of liked a second bootcamp where things are done right. I even tried to negotiate for a single phone coaching session, where I could at least learn something. No deal. He even had my instructor call to confront me on why I thought the bootcamp was bad. Very disappointing, considering TD states claims that their customer service has gone up 1000% over the past two years.
    So if you like throwing money away, the RSD bootcamp may be for you. Before you consider spending that $1500, I would suggest giving yourself a makeover, donating that money to the homeless, or hell, put it in a brief case, go to the center of your city, open it, and let it blow away in the wind. The money will be better off, trust me.
    Hell, if you'd like, I can give you the exact same bootcamp experience for a mere $20.
    To sum up:
    -I got a new pair of jeans which cost me $283.
    -Over the course of three days (21 hours) we spent a mere 6 hours in field.
    -Over the course of three days, my instructor demonstrated a total of four sets and refused to do more, despite my numerous requests and pleads.
    -Seminar material was unoriginal, and can be found on these forums for free.
    -Complete lack of customer service.
    -Complete lack of caring about the students success.
    -The entire bootcamp experience.
    If you have any other questions regarding my experience, please don't hesitate to email me at I am the fourth guy in my lair who has had a bad experience with RSD, and I will be the last. I'd like to make sure you guys make an informed decision before signing up with these guys.

  3. My instructor refused to do sets, even though I asked him many _many_ times. Each time was a different excuse. We spent very little time in field as well. We'd get to the club at 11pm, and be done at 1:30am. Sunday we were in field from 5pm-6pm. I didn't receive any walkthroughs in field, and no feedback as well.

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    I've heard many many people recommend that before taking a bootcamp, no matter what company it's from, to make sure you know the reviews that particular instructor receives. This is advice that should always be followed in my opinion.
    However, if you thought your instructor was a mPUA I wouldn't blame you for being dissapointed.
    If anyone else has reviews of RSD please post them as a seperate thread!
    I'd love to hear some good detailed reviews about them as well.
    Please include as much detail in your review as you can.
    A review that states "They were awesome and I got my money's worth" is shit, just like "they sucked..." is crap as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Swinger555
    My instructor refused to do sets, even though I asked him many _many_ times. Each time was a different excuse. We spent very little time in field as well. We'd get to the club at 11pm, and be done at 1:30am. Sunday we were in field from 5pm-6pm. I didn't receive any walkthroughs in field, and no feedback as well.
    Sorry to hear you had a bad experience. It's a lot of money and time to commit to something and be so disappointed. It's also too bad Tyler is not more accomodating -- it was right of you to complain. If RSD has a bum instructor, they need to be aware of it to protect their reputation. If they don't, they will suffer in the long run. They have probably lost future business due to your review, whereas if they'd handled it better and you were satisfied with their response, it could have brought in future business. Maybe they're "business robots."
    I've generally heard good things about most of the higher profile workshops out there (especially Love Systems).

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    Well RSD is starting to sound really sketchy now.
    Maybe back to Mystery, although I'll have to wait till im 21 and they don't do day game.
    Is there anyone in Mystery Method company that doesn't endorse canned material? Do any of the structures lay women with no canned material whatsoever?
    hrmp its only 2 days of field work and 1:4 instructor student ratio, wtf?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Refrusloi
    I'm interested, what was the name of your instructor?
    If you do not want to say it here, please email me at
    I was thinking of taking a RSD bootcamp but The reviews are so mixed. Some phenomenal and some horror stories ( like yours ). Dude, I felt pissed JUST READING THAT REVIEW!
    Are there any instructors you guys would recommend? What about if you do 1on1 and they come to you? It's not like I'd get Tyler so who are the other good instructors in the USA?
    Is RSD under 21? If RSD is 21 and over you are probably better off taking a Love Systems bootcamp instead. I have yet to hear a negative review and they offer a money back guarantee which I am pretty sure no one has EVER taken them up on
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    Xaneus has at least one damning review out there.

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    ok, I'm glad to hear I wasn't the only one who had a bad experience with the RSD bootcamps.
    I took one a few months ago, and although it wasn't a "total rip off", I do feel that my money would have been better spent elsewhere.
    I had the same thing with my instructors, no demonstrations at all, they just pointed out sets for me to open without really teaching anything.
    the only results they got were that one of them got a kiss (more like a peck on the lips) from this chubby chick that I wouldn't even approach, not much of a demonstration for someone who's supposed to be a mPUA...
    one of my instructors was half asleep most of the time, and the material they handed out was full of typos and spelling mistakes... very unprofessional for people who call themselves "executive coaches"...
    they did do a great job with the fashion consult, but I don't think that's worth all the money I spent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maverick
    I had a friend that took the RSD Toronto bootcamp with TD. TD does approach sets and he did very well aparently. However the bootcamp mainly consisted of the guy being pushed into sets. Not much theory - this can be good or bad depending on how you look at it.
    - Mav
    I can testify to this, as I have myself been bootcamped by TD, and that was the basic format of it. If I recall well, I'd say that he probably did 10-12approaches the entire weekend, but since he pushed me into so many more, it didn't seem like he did many ( I believe I did around 50-70 sets that weekend, if not more).
    He made us do a lot of the work. Not a whole lot of material....luckily for me I was very good socially and had a good base. However, I will admit it was still a bit scary doing all these sets that first night. This may or may not be a good thing, depending on the student's skill level and attitude. I didn't have any real knowledge of ASF techniques prior to bootcamp, and I made out ok. I was pure vibing on day 1 pretty much, and more material day 2 & day 3.
    As for him, he did well in set...very good frame control and delivery of material. The one set that stood out out of all of them, was this street set he opened 4 am on our last night, while we were just shootin' the sh** on the sidewalk, bootcamp over. It was the most impressive set I've ever seen, really engaging two HB8.5s for like 30-45 minutes, just a stream of storytelling, negs, push/pull, routines, etc. The other student and I were enjoying the show very much, and it was very inspiring. I didn't even want to split the enjoy watching more than winging says a lot!! The girls were smiling and laughing, and we were in essence doing the same as spectators 2 feet away. It was at that moment that I finally got the big demonstration I was promised!
    He then gave us a nice wrap up, and talked about a lot of things. If you come in with the right attitude and willing to do the work like a soldier, you will have fun bootcamping with TD (if he still does it). I can't speak about him on his notoriety with the community, but 1 on 1 as a teacher, he was a real cool, down to earth guy. Clearly a big shock to read what I read about him in The Game.
    I'm not in position to rate RSD vs. MM vs. PU101, or TD vs. Mystery vs. Sensei, etc etc. But if you're doing a bootcamp for the first time and want to get good at A1, A2 consistently, it can happen with the *right* RSD team.
    I came away very excited after the bootcamp as I finally was a certifiable approach machine, and I was getting attraction often , and hooking a good portion of sets. It was a high that lasted a few days. State was not an issue for me for awhile after I took the bootcamp.
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