You meet her. Yes, she's on Facebook, add her! But when?
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    You meet her. Yes, she's on Facebook, add her! But when?

    You must know the story, if you're a Facebooker. You're coming to the end of the night, and not feeling the vibes for kissing, so you're going to ask for her number, but chicken out or are in a hurry to leave, and say "are you on Facebook?"

    Now, you know she's on Facebook, you've searched her up as soon as you got home, but you're going to leave it a few days before you add her...

    Anybody else have this problem occasionally?

    If you add her immediately it's stalkerish. If you add her the next morning it's needy. If you add her the following night, well, you ougghta be out clubbing! If you add her a week later, she's forgotten about you already. I generally leave two or three days, but then this could seem arbitrary and too planned-out. (Perish the thought!)

    So, when you meet a girl and get permission, so to speak, to add her on Facebook, how many days do you wait?

    p.s. I tried the whole "Why don't you add me?" line on one girl, but she didn't. So, I poked her on Facebook a week later, then we had a poke war for a few days, then she sent me a message saying "One of us is going to have to add the other soon enough, you know." But now there's an awkward dynamic going on, I don't like it. :/

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    Is it really that important as to how long you wait?

    Add her as soon as you want. If you've done your game properly, then the amount of time you wait before adding her on Facebook isnt going to be a dealbreaker.

    And if you haven't done your game properly, having her Facebook is irrelevant because she's not going to come back out with you again.

  3. I have been doing some gaming on MySpace (with pretty good success. It is definitely a numbers game). I find that adding them as a friend is totally irrelevant. I am still pretty new to this, but to me that would seem to be making her the prize and that you are chasing her.

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    hahaha adding her is NO big deal at all. it is not stalkerish....try this:

    add her, then wait MAYBE a day and then fill out the friends details thing with some c&f banter as bait, and she should message you busting back or w/e. if she doesn't, it's still no big deal. just look over her profile and bust on her for something else she has. seriously, don't read too much into facebook.


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