How much time do you invest?

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  1. How much time do you invest?

    Hey guys

    How much time do you spend with your girlfriend??

    I see mine daily... too much ? (I'm 17 she's 15)

    Just give your ideas and what you do ...

    till then


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    I've been seeing mine for 2 months now, I go to college so does she, we probably see each other 2 times a week so thats not very much, I wouldnt recommend going for that, personally I fuckin love it though, maybe 3 times a week either way i like not seeing her everyday id get bored of her.

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    Well I've been with my girlfriend for about 5 months now, and on a regular week I'll see her Monday-Friday (In school) for maybe a total of 15 minutes all day.

    And then normally hanging outside of school, just one day of hanging out a week. Normally, I'll clear a Friday or Saturday for her. Or maybe be busy on the weekend and clear a day in the middle of the week. Too much is bad, trust me. Make sure to switch it up also.

    And take my advice. You'll obviously talk on the phone, but when phone conversations get boring, or just not as good as they normally are, you know you're talking on the phone with her too much. People fall in love when they're not with the person, they start thinking about things they've done with them, feel happy, and pretty soon they're in love. So as they say, "give her the gift of missing you."

  4. "give her the gift of missing you."
    Guess your're right! I'll clear some days.. for instance today I got one day with my buddy and I'll see her like let's say 2-3 days a week the most...

    thanks and keep on posting the good stuff



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