question about the game by Neil Strauss
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    question about the game by Neil Strauss

    in it he does an esp test on britney spears
    it goes something like, ' look me in the eye and tell me what number im thinking of' so even if she got it wrong, he could have still said yes anyway so shouldnt he have written it down befroehand then turned the piece of paper over ?

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    write it down...keep it hidden til she says 7.
    if she answers any other number...
    I say...." have high self-esteem...that`s what your number means."
    The closer to 10,5,1,...whatever.
    I dont tell them it`s an ESP test unless they answer 7...otherwise youre fucked.
    If they guess`s an ESP test...
    Anything`s a High Self-Esteem test...

  3. Haven't got my copy here, but I'm sure he did write it down.
    If not he should have done...

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    HE DID..i think

    Im almost positive STYLE wrote it down. I think it went something like this:
    Style-"I'm going to write a number down and I wan tyou to guess it"
    Spears-"ok, it 7?!?!"
    Style-"yeah! see you did it!"
    Style reversed the whole situation using that routine. Normally you go up to a girl and ask her to think of a number quickly between 1 and 10 inside her head (maybe ask her to write it down too). Then you say "is it 7?" and if you guessed right, you start by saying how its ESP and how "its a number picked 2 out of 3 times by people". If the girl guesses a different number, you just say how it relates to their SELF-ESTEEM (like someone mentioned before). You can pretty much make up a whole routine by how a number between 1 and 10 relates to a person because "everyones favorite subject is themselves".
    With Spears, STYLE mad HER guess the number STYLE was thinking of and no matter what he would have said 7. And because he knew tat 2 out of 3 people choose 7, he told SPEARS to "think real hard" and she picked 7 because its almost instinct.
    ...the GAME never ends...


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