food for growth?..
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    food for growth?..

    i was wondering, my bodys still growing, but I'm driving the short bus to school every day... is it possible to go on a diet and exercise program that helps build and release growth hormones to give me a few extra inches in height?..

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    Sleep more.

    (If you've never failed, you've never lived.)

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    thats it?.. damn... I blame insomnia...

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    Unless your diet in your life has been so bad as to stunt your growth (unlikely since you live in the western world) then there's very little you can do about your final height. It's determined by genetics.

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    you sure?.. cause i know some pretty tall people, with pretty short parents?..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iceman_dk View Post
    you sure?.. cause i know some pretty tall people, with pretty short parents?..
    Height is determined by genetics. There are all sorts of variables that might make someone's parents shorter than their kids though. If height is carried on a recessive gene then it can easily skip a generation. Also parents tend to lose height as they age. I know my dad is shorter than he once was.

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    well... looking at my family tree i'd say im pretty much screwed then...

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    Well your only 17 so theres still time.

    Have you every scene "The Secret". Its a pretty popular DVD amongst any goal oriented "community" (i.e. this one, get rich, etc). I'd watch it. When you do, you'll find theres maybe anyother way to grow a couple inches. Its worth a shot.....

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    could you link to somewhere where i could find this "the secret" or just tell me what it says about growing?..

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    You can just google the dvd the secret and you'll find it. Just watch the DVD a few times, and you'll see what you have to do.


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