I've been looking at pendants. A couple of skull pendants got me thinking:
By wearing these things, you're basically declaring some sort of connection to your dangly symbol of choice. Wearing it on your neck, close to your chest - it should be something you believe in or a philosophy you adhere to.

(The only exception would be if you have something bland and generic. But that itself makes you look pretty hollow - if the only thing you can wear round your neck carries no meaning, significance or value).

If you don't actually live any connection to your 'symbol', you're essentially throwing out a fraudulent message, claiming to be something you're not, and thus pretty lame.
I'd say the skull comes into this category - what are you saying about yourself? It's something close to a pirate mentality, if I had to try to put it into words.
Nobody really has those values - that sense of bloodthirsty freedom and aliegence with death.
Besides which nobody with such a mentality (as a sincere and credible choice) would wear some cheap mass-produced fashion pendant. And such a person would be pretty repellant in their values anyway. DLV.

But any symbol that doesn't hold some deep significance for you is lame too.
"Ahh, I wear this X round my neck because I quite like Y."
"Well that was a let-down of a story."

So we have 4 types of 'error':
- Bland and hollow
- Alegience to something lame and lightweight
- Fraudulent, all a big lie
- Alegience to something repellant, that reflects badly on you

And one way to get it right, when you pick a significant, worthy and respectible cause.

It kind of hit me - this seems rather similar to personality and the major elements of someone's character.

Someone who claims authority and dominance, for example, is either:
- A fraud, if they can't back it up.
- Pretty scummy, if they will actually go to the point of using force to oppress people.

The quirks of peoples' character are often pretty insignificant, fraudulent or things that reflect badly on the individual.
But having nothing there at all is no good either.

I'm not sure what it all means yet. Thoughts?

Is this a fair way to judge things?

Can you get away with lame or phoney pendants, and if so does this say something about how lame and phoney the people who see them are?

Can you get away with a lame or phoney personality?
Since it's something we're working to change and improve as would-be PUAs, it seems like a rather pertinent question.