My girl won't cum
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    My girl won't cum

    (SHORT: I need the fastest way to make a girl cum, explained thoroughly. Yes I know how to use search, no effect.)

    LONG:..And I am afraid she won't be wanting any sex with me any longer if I keep this up. I have had no sex experience what-so-ever, keep this in mind.

    First time we tried, didn't have much time and got to finger her for approximately 10 minutes, with a bit of oral. No orgasm. I didn't have the time and we were in the bathroom while her father was marching through the house, so of course we were nervous. I tried to go for the deepspot, but I am not sure if I do it correctly.

    When I entered the back wall of her vagina, I encountered this ball-shaped thing (which could also be called a balloon-like thing, so I thought I hit the jackpot), which I ought to be the deep spot. I gave it strokes with pressure and whatnot. She was enjoying it but no orgasm.

    So anyway, we did not have a lot of time, and we were nervous, so I basically blaimed this (she couldn't get me off either, plus it appears that my dick is immune to blowjobs.. I don't feel shit). Her chest was red (not from me touching it) and so was her face after, so I guess she liked it, yeh.

    This was last saturday. We talked about it a bit and basically I told her (jokingly, but also somewhat serious) I would not stop the next time until she had cum 5 times.

    For now I was able to tactfully jab her ego so my blunders and errors were forgotton (e.g. I had a boner for ages but when we entered the bathroom and she took off my pants I couldn't get it up. She started sucking it anyway but stopped after 30 seconds because it didn't get up. I was like: "well probably the nerves because of your dad... Just kidding, you're not hot enough" and all of this, not seriously hurting her ego of course, just neg'ing her a bit and taking jabs so she starts worrying about getting me off instead of me her.

    However, yesterday (monday), she texted me twice while I was in school: "my dad is away till ##:## come to my place" 45 minutes later: "well yes or no? cmon". She sounded very needy and she's usually totally not like this, also texting costs money and she doesn't like to use up her phone money (yeh that type of girl). I drove to her place.

    Nobody home. So, foreplay etc. and then I tried to make her cum, in vain. I had read every fucking thing on this site and other sites, but no success. I read Harlequin's post about stacking orgasms (I believe), different posts about the deep spot, posts about the g-spot, suck&swirl, caressing nipples, talking dirty and every fucking thing you can think of (except for anal, which is not an option btw). Nothing seemed to work, although she was certainly enjoying it.

    The problem is, she thinks I have a shitload of experience (I lied, which is a bad thing I know, but this is not the problem right now). I use this somewhat as an advantage (jabbing her ego a bit, e.g. "well it works with X and Y and Z and YZYYD"). Anyway, nothing worked. Then she tried to make me cum, and failed miserably (I am used to my own jacking which is simply superior and cannot be matched.. Lol). However, after the 19th try at jacking me off I showed her how to do it for a few seconds and told her exactly how she should do x and y and move p at q speed and whatnot, while I asked her to take this position which made me uber horny. I started fingering her and I told her to just fake orgasms and moan for the hell of it because it would probably get me to cum. She did and eventually I came, owning her chest in the process

    Yeh it was fun, but now her. After a while when I couldn't get her to cum I started asking her where I should push/press/move/rub/finger/suck/lick/etc and she told me where and I did exactly what she said I had to do, but she did not cum. I kept my movements random at first, and when she started moaning I kept it steady. No cumming.

    Now I promised her yesterday, that when next time we would have sex I would fuck her through the complete house, up the stairs, to the attic, on the kitchen table in the bathtub on the couch beneath the couch and what not. I also showed her how by dry-humping her while she was bend over over her brother's bed (), doggystyle up the first few stairs and lifting her (I do weights a lot, so I have no problem with this at all) and banging her against the wall. This got her horny like fuck and she has to bring it up whenever she has the chance, even subtly among friends and just straight to the point in private convoes, she is definitely very eager to do this. We did not have intercourse yet.

    I told her while I was taking a stroll with her that the reason she didn't came was because she subconsciously did not feel secure, and that she would if she felt more secure which was solved by doing it a lot.

    She gives me hints that she doesn't like it that she cannot cum. Subtly, however. Whenever I am like "omgwhydoesitnotwork" she's like "idontcaresweethearthonestlyimenjoyingit" but whenever I don't sound annoyed/depressed about my inability to make her cum she's like "well it would suck if I would never cum.." "I want some too" "eventually I will really want to though.."

    Please please please help, thanks in advance.

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    We did not have intercourse yet.
    So, you have not had vaginal intercourse [aka SEX]? All your post gives accounts of failed attempts at getting her off "with your fingers".

    How about oral sex? putting your 'penis' in?

    Did you try clitoral stimulation? You've found her clit? You know how to take care of it? Is her clit sensitive?

    I told her (jokingly, but also somewhat serious) I would not stop the next time until she had cum 5 times.
    It's not a performance event, dude. dont set expectations(unrealistic) given that you have not had real sex before.

    Lying about your sexual experience makes you look like a fool who talks heaps and cant deliver. So is asking her to fake it so that you can have an orgasm. Negging her about sex?? Is that your way of making yourself feel better about your 'poor performance' and hiding your inexperience? In fact you are
    anchoring more stress on her to 'perform to your standards'. Geez!!!!

    And making her try 19 times to jack you off? WTF?

    She is enjoying it. DO NOT ASK HER IF SHE CAME. You are putting pressure on her. And you are reinforcing the fact that she didn't as 1) her fault, (2) making her too focused on 'trying to reach orgasm' and not relaxing enough.
    Enjoy the process, do not be focused on the outcome and the outcome will come.

    Next time, keep doing what you are doing if she's enjoying it, getting wet. It could be that you are stopping too early to 'ask for directions'. if she is showing signs of getting off, dont stop and ask 'did you cum?". It takes some women much longer. THERE IS NO MAGIC ORGASM PILL or MOVE (unless I've dozed off during sex class at school). LOL

    As a matter of last resort, ask Johnny Soporno [marital arts master].

    My rant for today.

    (If you've never failed, you've never lived.)

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    hey MIaddict posted this last week and it was money

    ever check the best of forum?
    cuase these are the best ever sex guides


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