How do you write a good dating site ad?

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  1. How do you write a good dating site ad?

    Okay so I've gotten some good advice so far about photos and stuff like that, however, since you guys seem to know you're stuff so well, then how would I write, or where would I find out how to write up a good profile ad?

    Like I got a lot going for me, but how do you write it up in a way where you seem interesting without coming across as egotistical. Like for example one positive trait is that I'm a business owner and have done very well for myself. Should that stuff be included, or could it be used in some positive way? Like I'd think it could and should be used, but so far I've had very little luck with it. Maybe I should just leave it out completely. I'm not the type that would ever be taking by some gold digging bitch anyway so I'm not worried about that kind of thing happening. Just not sure if that's appropriate to even mention or not in an ad? Otherwise where could I find examples of ads that have worked with great success or how would you write up a headline for the ad and ad that actually gets noticed and replied to?

    Let me know if you can help, as I'm about to give this one site another go around.

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    Read different personal ads and see which ones you think would get a response.
    Also get a woman's opinion on what she'd answer. There are a lot out there that range from typical to interesting. Avoid turning it into a resume or go into what you do for a living.

    Like anything, keep writing and rewriting, submitting, and'll get you more comfortable and streamline a few good ones. People aren't going to know you're doing multiple ads unless you post your email address.


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