Do you *ever* compliment her on her looks? EVER?
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  1. Do you *ever* compliment her on her looks? EVER?

    When you are in A3 - Male to Female interest, do you EVER compliment her on her looks?

    Page 153 of the VAH says, "DON'T MENTION HER LOOKS" <--and yes it is in all caps and bold.

    So, don't mention her looks in A3... or not EVER?

    I guess I understand in A3 you compliment her in a way that leads the interaction in the direction you want it to go. Sure is hard, tho! I will practice in the field!!

    But how about, like, when you are in bed, having crazy funky sex... you don't ever say "Damn you you have an amazing body!" or anything??

    After all, women are turned on by men who *behave* in a certain way, men are turned on by women who *look* a certain way -- and women do know this... you don't EVER want to let them know you think they are good looking??

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    Well technically you shouldn't, but in some cases it could come in handy. (eg. "beauty is common" gambit)

    The important thing is not to come right out and say to her "you're really hot" or something needy like that

    Once you're in a LTR though, it's cool as long as you don't start worshiping her like some wussy AFC.


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