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  1. Bambole di carne

    Vorrei chiedere consigli da utilizzare con quelle che Mystery chiama bambole di carne in che modo agire con ragazze tipo ballerine,spogliarelliste, robina di questo tipo

    Saluti Dio Brano

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    Io con le bambole di carne vado in crisi...non so da che parte prenderle, per ora mi limito a non cagar.. o al massimo le tiro un CAP.
    Esempio ieri sera alla festa c'era una una di queste che regalava pallottole di alcool alla gente del locale...era un'hb da 10...troppo bella per guardarla, si è messa a ballare sopra il tavolino, indossava una gonna che non lasciava spazio alla fantasia ahahahah! Il suo raga era un buzzurro di tipo, bruttino e grossissimo, che non la cagava nemmeno. LA VITA

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    nn si chiama VITA si chiama MM o SS ... hihihihi

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    In effetti mi ero posto lo stesso problema. Mystery lo spiega in dei seminari apposta, ma siccome immagino che nessuno di noi abbia occasione di andare negli States a piacimento, mi domandavo se non ci fossero trascrizioni dei suoi corsi da tradurre o roba del genere...

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    Ciao ragazzi, rispondo a party che mi sta particolarmente a cuore in questo periodo...cerco di crescere come pua anche grazie a lui. è una fonte di ispirazione continua e ha le capacità per diventare grande...
    Festa del 25, noi eravamo nello stesso locale...hb 10 da paura e fidanzato gnorry che non la cagava e giocava col cellulare. cest la vie...
    era una ragazza bellissima ma...c'era anche una biondina che è stata n-chiusa da un tipo qualunque. io non l'avevo notata e quando party mel'ha fatta notare ho detto: adesso vado li e mi sente,ma...scendo le scalette e lei era sparita :@ da paura
    un attimo prima era li e un attimo dopo puff (morale carpe diem)

  6. Hired Guns n. 1

    Gaming hired guns

    If you’re reading this, then you definitely have an interest in learning about the game. Game I believe is universal knowledge. It applies to a lot of things but in some situations you’re gonna have to specialize.

    Different situations require different tactics. Every situation is different and in order to come up with a fool proof game plan, you should be aware of the psychology these women have in the environment that they are in.

    Here are some scenarios that come to the top of my head

    Girl in a club
    Girl in your friend’s party
    Girl walking down the street
    Girl working (aka hired guns)

    If I told you that there was a place where a lot of beautiful girls can be found, would you believe me?

    Well it’s common knowledge that majority of the hired guns are hot. Girls working in Hooters, bartenders, restaurants, sales girl, and etc. Why is that? People gravitate towards beauty. I’m not saying that all hired guns are hot, but most of them are. This is some sort of adverstisement for most companies. Come on, who wouldn’t want to go back to a restaurant after having a beautiful waitress serve you food and drinks? A lot of you guys out there.

    Wouldn’t it be cool if you knew how to pick these girls up? Well today is your lucky day cause I’ll be sharing with you guys my philosophies and tricks in this area of pick up.

    The reality of hired guns

    An average, beautiful, girl gets hit on approximately 5-15 times in a day. This includes guys that whistle, make comments, or just tries to start up a conversation with them. Either way, they get hit on a lot of times in a day. Now imagine how many times a hired gun gets hit on in a day? Probably twice or thrice as much as the average number of times she usually gets hit on in a day. Even a girl that rarely gets hit on will get hit on if she’s working. That’s the reality for most hired guns

    Imagine doing the exact same thing for hours and hours in a day, several days a week, 4 weeks in a month, all year round. It gets pretty old. Most of them will be receptive to your advances if only you know how to engage them in conversation.

    Drop the stupid pick up lines you’ve heard from movies. Don’t be that creepy guy that passes by her like a hundred time just to see her smile. Don’t make her feel weirded out because you’re standing a little bit too close to her. Don’t give her the long extended stare with matching uncontrollable creepy smile. Just act normal. Act as if she’s your 7 year old niece or something. Forget for a second that she’s this goddess to you ok? That’s the start


    Again, don’t be like everyone else. If you come in saying the same thing that everyone says then you’re just like everyone else. She won’t remember you


    You have to stand out in some way. Be unique. Do things that most of the other people don’t do. Don’t be afraid to be unique.

    Some examples are:

    Waitress: Can I take your order please
    Grungey10: Sure, I want you… (pause and wait for her to laugh, then say “ don’t get any ideas, I’m just ordering here, gosh!) again, I want you to tell me your favorite meal in this place. Like it has to be absolutely good.
    Waitess: UHm, I like the beef brisket with yada yada yada
    Grungey10: Really? That sounds good. What’s in it? Why do you like it?
    Waitress: Goes on describing her favorite meal for 2 minutes….
    Grungey10: That’s awesome. Sounds so good, I’ll make sure never to order that…

    She’ll usually laugh here. Guess what? You just differentiated yourself from every other guy in that place. You were fun and funny. Now you can keep this up for a bit. The good thing about it is that she’ll be coming back over and over again.

    You can use little comments like
    (If she brings you your drink)
    Grungey10: Wow, how sweet of you… You brought me my most favorite drink without even asking me… You’re awesome, I don’t know what I’d do without you….
    Waitress: awwww that’s so cute
    Grungey10: Actually, I do know what I’d do without you… Do you want to know what it is?
    Waitress: What? Tell me…
    Grungey10: ooopss… I just realized, food is here, have to eat… BYEEE…

    At this point you’ll be getting under her skin already. She’ll think you’re the coolest guys she’s ever met.

    RULE # 3 Get to know her a bit
    Usually you won’t have enough time to run solid game on a hired gun so you either have to get her number after or come back and game her. If it’s a place that I visit often, I prefer to just come back multiple times and chat her up. It gives me more time to get to know her and likewise. So from here you can ask things like

    - What do you do for fun? (Then tell her what you do for fun, why you like it, and how it makes you feel)
    - I think you’re awesome, you definitely know how to let lose and have fun while you’re working, I like that… What makes you different from all the other waitresses here?
    - If there was an airplane waiting outside just for you… It’s private, It’s nice, and It’s free. Where would you go? If you could go anywhere around the world and why? (Then tell her where you want to go and why)


    - After a couple of minutes of talking to her I usually say: “ It’s funny that we met like this. I usually don’t get to talk to people I just met like this… Look around you, everyone always puts up a wall in front of them. It’s fake. It’s not who they are but what they want other people to perceive them. They end up not being themselves when they talk to people. Don’t get a big head now but you’re kind of different. This thing, right now… is awesome. You’re being genuine with me, I like that. I think you’d make an awesome friend. Just friends though cause I don’t know you well enough yet.”
    - After this you just Invite her to some activity that you like doing and exchange numbers. It’s as simple as that.

    Hope this helps somehow. I’m expecting you guys to be busy this month with day 2’s with hired guns, of course.

  7. Hired guns n. 2

    Mystery's Stripper Rules

    (Thank you to Craig for raising the subject of strippers to me.)

    RULE: Don't let a stripper dance for you.

    The minute a stripper dances for you (for money), you become their customer
    and they don't fuck their customers. DON'T let her dance for you - unless
    it's for free.


    RULE: Don't stale out the room.

    Don't stay in the club too long. 30 minutes ought to be enough time to do
    what you set out to do. Only extend that time if you are already in a good
    conversation with a stripper. Initiate a chat faster standing than sitting.
    Approach a sitting two-set and convey enthusiasm. Be more exciting than any
    other guy was the entire evening.


    RULE: Enthusiasm is contagious.

    Act enthused about something that happened to you and so will they. E.g.:
    "Oh my God, guess where we just were? You really missed out hanging here all
    this time ..."


    RULE: Convey that your day has been INCREDIBLE and then proceed to explain

    Convey that meeting her is completely secondary. "NOTHING can wreck this
    day!" Her day was boring compared to yours. When explaining why you had
    more fun, paint a picture that makes her wish she was with you. "I met and
    hung out with Brad Pitt. He was really a cool guy."


    RULE: Don't buy a stripper a drink. Don't buy ANYONE a drink. Don't buy
    anyone ANYTHING. Buying things are for good friends and lovers.


    RULE: Have a performer image.

    Appeal to the performer in them. Use Mystery's PHOTO ROUTINE because they
    are so bored in there a little look at some pix in your pocket is welcome.
    Let the photos convey you to be a very social and very cool guy. Talk about
    the excitement of being on stage - identifying with their fears on stage.
    Get them to think OUTSIDE of the club. When leading their imagination, lead
    them into DAYLIGHT not NIGHT. Most guys think NIGHT only and convey only


    RULE: At some point, matter of factly explain that you are well aware that
    all this is bullshit (pointing to the whole concept of men getting off on
    strippers) ... it's just an entertainment form and can make good money.
    ... drop the subject and don't talk about her world again. Now bring her to
    YOUR DAYLIGHT WORLD through imaginative storytelling.

    RULE: Once she is out to the cafe or food place after, THEN you go VAMPIRE
    WORLD on her. Strippers generally LOVE the vampire romance shit. Many
    enjoy alternative lifestyles and ideas. Consider learning about Wicca
    because many consider themselves Wiccan or Pagan. Don't get suckered into
    BELIEVING any of the shit of course, but know the basics to bullshit.


    RULE: Use a lot of humour. Make her laugh. Laughter is a drug.


    RULE: Don't HIT on her.


    RULE: Don't compliment her anatomy.


    RULE: Treat all strippers as 10's and use a few NEGS as strippers are in a
    mental state of control while in their own territory. She may only be an 8
    in real life but while she works she is the boss and therefore a 10.


    RULE: Be slick on the CLOSE and be ready to give her a challenge. Don't be
    too aggressive. Don't ASK for the number - instead lead them to ask you!
    "Our knowing each other has nothing to do with this club. I'm going to the
    IHOP for a bite after - let's continue this conversation there but don't
    much from me - I'm just hungry." Tell her that even though you aren't a
    customer (you are friends with the DJ), you don't want to exchange numbers
    inside the club - that way you can tell people you met at IHOP after her
    This club has nothing to do with you and her. Tell her to join you outside
    of the club to exchange numbers and only when she is in street clothes.


    RULE: Don't get HORNY.


    RULE: Most strippers are open-minded and believe in incredulous concepts
    such as ESP and ghosts. Use this for very interesting 'supernatural'
    conversation threads. Since many strippers believe themselves to be Pagan
    (and alternative religion), consider wearing a pentacle. Most strippers
    prefer rock music and long hair on a guy but some like dance music and short
    hair. Know which of the two generic stripper types you are talking to.
    pretty obvious which is which.


    RULE: Be BIG. Strive to be the center of attention. Don't think that the
    quiet seduction will work in the club. No sexual shit in the club. Once
    you have intrigued her enough to join you, she's already decided she likes


    RULE: Make her think that you think she wants you. Assume this and then be
    a challenge.


    RULE: Connect by having a "I live my life one day at a time' attitude. This
    is to mirror their lifestyle. They ALL live life this way.


    RULE: Connect using, "So many people are so judgmental about things. You
    seem really open and fun."


    RULE: Smile all the time. Smile when you walk in and keep it going until
    you leave.


    RULE: Don't drink.


    RULE: If a stripper asks, "Would you like a dance?" Don't answer the
    question. Instead, pattern interrupt her with, "Oh man, I'm not even HERE
    ... I just got back from a party where Brad Pitt was there. What a great

    A Brief Q and A with Mystery on Stripper and Club PUA

    Q: Do you find, staying sober in clubs is the best way to insure PUA skills?

    A: Real pick up artists don't drink. Clear and simple. They may choose to
    ACT drunk at times, but that's it.


    Q: One factor I've had in the past, both in regular clubs AND strip clubs,
    is that I feel a BOREDOM factor. BTDT = "Been There, Done That."

    A: Think how BTDT the girls must feel. It's YOUR job to take them away from
    this and interrupt their repetition. When you feel bored, decide to attempt
    a crash and burn (crash and learn) - this is when you notice a situation
    that looks impossible like a girl is with a guy. Approach and meet the guy.
    That'll keep you from being bored.


    Q: Doesn't anyone else feel this Boredom and nervous feeling about clubs?
    How can I REFRAME this - so I can go to these fishing grounds confident and

    A: You are only bored because you aren't approaching. Meet PEOPLE. Not
    only 10s, but meet them ALL. Make the club YOUR CLUB.


    Q: Since I have a photographer friend, is this a good approach? I.e.: I can
    get you hooked up for modeling work? Are you interested? Isn't this a
    standard Ross Approach?

    A: Ross or not, too many people use the "Are you a model" approach,
    especially in LA. Not only that, but the particularly gorgeous girls
    already ARE models. Consider bringing pix with you and have the girl enjoy
    looking through them with you (Mystery's Photo Routine). This is good, but
    don't suggest taking photos of her until you have a reason to - like you are
    already getting along with her.


    Q: Is this Modeling approach so cliche, so overused by AFCs - that girls
    reject it? Fact: I get that disbelieving attitude often and it hasn't
    worked well for me. If so, any new way TO REFRAME the old "Modeling jobs"
    PU for success?

    A: Don't bother with the modeling job PU - it's AFC. It doesn't convey
    your personality. It instead promises something you have no reason to give
    except that you want to fuck her. Why convey that? By the fact that this
    approach hasn't worked for you, you should already have your answer. Just
    show some pix you took. Not a portfolio. Make it look impromptu like you
    just got them developed today. This is how one uses photos to convey


    Q: As time goes on - to me - these clubs get LOUDER AND LOUDER. I hate the
    ringing in my ears so I have sometimes worn earplugs. Then I feel like a
    LOSER with something (somewhat visible in my ear). Are earplugs considered
    a sign of a Loser? In strip clubs, with the volume factor, I rarely sit
    in the front (at the stage). Is the stage the best place to start in a
    strip club - because you're more visible?

    A: My stripper ex-girlfriends (XGFs) all called that area "Pervert's Alley".
    Sit further back - NEVER sit in the alley. When a stripper approaches you,
    immediately be interesting by changing the subject to, "Did you know Elvis
    dyed his hair?" Notice how you are answering her "Would you like a dance?"
    with a completely off the wall topic. You ZIG and ZAG the conversation this
    way. Don't give her the stereotypical conversation threads she expects from
    the next 100 guys she talks to. Entertain her this way. Stay away from
    asking about HER. Talk about YOU. NEG's are good. Nails and Hair NEG's
    are good. "Are those nails real? No? Oh. Well ... they're still nice "
    Then (NEVER get a dance from a girl you WANT) get her OUT of the place.
    Remind her that you are NOT her customer. Tell her you are friends with the
    DJ or something and just came to visit. This will put her guard down. You
    sound like you are already IN. "Oh I'm not a customer."


    Q: If you sit at the stage, do you have to at least tip $1 bills to not look
    like a total loser?

    A: DO NOT sit at the stage - that's a loser thing to do. Hang with the DJ -
    meet him by asking him a bunch of questions like, "Hey dude, how did he
    become a DJ. How do I get a gig like this?" Then hang with him. Build
    rapport. He is your IN.


    Q: Can a PUA NOT tip at all and still be neutral for picking up women?

    A: DO NOT pay for table dances. I have gotten FREE dances and I'll accept
    those but that's it. The moment you become a CUSTOMER, it's OVER for you.

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    Bambole di carne

    Ciao a tutti, tempo fa c'era una festa... su un palco scenico modelle... tutti li guardavano quindi avevano un valore al 100% applausi ecc ecc... lostesso vale per attrici ecc ecc della tv... ho provato a parlarle da sotto il palco ma non mi vedevano le ho tirato una bottiglietta d'acqua ma niente... ho aspettato la fine, appena vado nei loro camerini... SCOMPARSE! non le ho + trovate ingiro.... forse sono andate via con la loro limusine... quindi? come si fa con queste bambole?...

    Un abbraccio

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    is this a shit test?

    Considera la situazione: Loro sono il centro della festa,loro prendono applausi,hanno peer approval,ego boosting,sp a mille...e tu stai facendo il classico "try to hard" ovvero "hey cazzo,sono un pua,guardatemi" mentre eri in mezzo a tutti i pecoroni applaudenti e allupati
    Imho il momento migliore per sargiare queste bambole è quando sono out dai riflettori.

    Se poi arrivano,sfilano e se ne vanno,beh lavora sul loro entourage,di solito tipe così DIFFICILMENTE non fanno un afterparty.

    Ho serie intenzioni di andare alla settimana della moda di Milano e lavorare su un game apposta alle shb.

    Se qualcuno ha degli agganci me : )

    (No No..niente cock squad,evitiamo di fare raduni da 20 persone ragazzi.)

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    My reality

    Alex c'è già un 3d sulle bambole di carne, ci arrivi da ARGOMENTI PRINCIPALI in stiky.


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