How to punish a girl for really bad behavior?
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  1. How to punish a girl for really bad behavior?

    A girl who is in my class was into me at the beginning of the year but she's an UG and bottom-low quality moreover. So I just ignored her. Then she started to show me no respect, as if she wanted to revenge for me not giving her back any IOI. Plus she already has a BF, so she should STFU AND BE HAPPY. But no she's gotta aim for another guy who is WAY beyond her reach (me) and act like a bitch when she realizes it's a stupid idea.

    "But why the f*ck didn't you spank her? Why are you being such an AFC?"

    Here's why. She ended up in my group of lab work at school and she thinks that because she's in my group (and there's no possible way for her to leave the group until the end of the year) she can insult me at will. I didn't put her back in place because it would create a big tension in the group until the end of the year.

    But I realize it's not an excuse.

    So I decided I would punish her for bad behavior next time she misbehaves. Now what I want actually is to punish her SO BAD that she will never mess with me again. I want to tell her something that will have a huge impact on her bitchy manners.

    So I'm counting on you guys to give me advice for some Big Bold Badass Punishment. Could be stuff you've used. Could be stuff you're just making up out of your alpha minds. I really want something that will mess her up so hard that she's about to cry. It'll teach her. Plus she deserves it.

    PS : This girl is VERY hypocritical. When she meets someone for the first time she acts like she's very nice and very pleasant, and the more she gets to know the person, the more bitchy she acts. I'm the person in the class she knows best (it's way from reciprocal hopefully). And it just pisses me off to see her act overly nice with people she hardly knows and these people reacting positively to her fake behavior, because they don't know how much of a low value bitch she is.

  2. Your an idiot. Why bother punishing her? You are insecure and have low standards. You don't deserve anything but a UG.

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    Dude, wanting to get back at someone is such chode thinking. Shes just trying to get a rise out of you.

    Does Brad Pitt care if some girl doesnt like him?

    The way you deal with her is to be unaffected by what she says, infom her that shes being rude, and change the subject.

    Her: Joe youre fat!

    Joe(unaffected): Wow, thats really rude. *backturn* (you can now ignore her since shes a social violator)

    Joe: So guys to get this project done blah blah blah
    May bullshit baffle brains.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by The_Scientist View Post
    Your an idiot.
    Thank you for starting your post with an insult. It shows how savvy you are.
    Quote Originally Posted by The_Scientist View Post
    Why bother punishing her?
    Other girls see her lacking me respect and it ruins my reputation
    Quote Originally Posted by The_Scientist View Post
    You are insecure and have low standards.
    Since when is standing up for respect a sign of insecurity?
    Quote Originally Posted by The_Scientist View Post
    You don't deserve anything but a UG.
    Thank you for finishing your post with an insult. It shows how insecure you are.

  5. The situation is different if you have to see the person again and again.

    So, I would at least attempt to avoid the entire thing by being direct. And take whatever satisfaction you can out of that.

    "Listen... I don't like you. But we have to work together, so you've got to stop being so unpleasant. Right?" Calm, reasonable, authoritative.

    I said something similar to a fucktard who lives down the hall from me, and now we are very civil.

    "Douche, I don't like you. I don't want to have future conversations with you. I'm not saying that can't change but ... right now that's how it is."

    I COULD have fought back using his own tactics, amogging the shit out of him and whatnot... this way though, I don't have drama anymore, which is important since I live there and have to be in that hallway all the time.

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    The next time she acts bitchy put ur tongue between ur teeth and do "pffff". Then lean back and START acting irrationally according to male logic. The more irrational u are the more rational she will become. And each time she does something uncongruent put ur tongue between teeth and again "pffff". Then later when u see her smirk at her . That will drive her crazy.

    P.S. Don't forget to find another 3 girls to AMPLIFY the teasing

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    If I were you I'd have just befriended her, then start ignoring her after a couple of weeks. Unless you want to use her as a pivot; but if she's an UG you should probably get rid of her ASAP, but not until you've established some sort of small rapport with her.

    That way she's sort of a part of your social circle and has no reason to act bitchy toward you. If she gives you any BS her value is going to plummet.

    IMO for the true alpha, the entire school should be in his circle. I've known a few people like that and they get laid like rock stars.

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    Doing it publicly is a DLV. Who wins if she complains and you get cut from the group? People know she's wrong, so tell the instructor privately and let him/her fix it. Then she gets humiliated and you look good with no risk.


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    Feeling the need to punish an UG for insulting you is extremely low value behavior. Ignoring her for being into you was a dick move.
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  10. I like Levo's approach. Ignore her and act is if she doesn't exist.

    If you want to go the other way and use a "nuclear neg"... my advice would be to call her out on the worst/disgusting/most hideous known fact about her. However I wouldn't suggest it because although you might get satisfaction out of it she will only spew more venom.


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