She loves me not.
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    She loves me not.

    Ok, so what you are going to use her negation and at the same exact time you are going to create feelings of romance through use of modifying the seduction scenerio. Have her ready as you are about to create the seduction scene with her. So what you do is get her a single red rose, red meaning lust. Use the red rose and have it in your hand as you are about to give it to her and ask you to play a game, she loves me she loves me not. Have her start out with saying, "she loves me" then grab the flower and break every single petal off and say, "she loves me not." If she picks the rose apart again because you did not remove every flower, wait for her to pick a petal let her say, "she loves me", then grab the entire petal and break it all off. This is where the use of negation and her backwards rational will come into play. It will be impossible for her to not think that you love her as you state, "she loves me not." Now its time to go in for the kill. Another version, get a flower, say have you ever played she loves me she loves me not, then allow her to say she loves me and repeat. Be sure to use a red flower.
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    How many times you used that technique and what were the reactions?

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