Signs that shes going to break-up with you?

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  1. Signs that shes going to break-up with you?

    I have an HB8 g/f and I'm pretty sure shes not gonna break up with me but I just wanna know the signs in advance?
    She likes me like 10x more than I like her cuz well.. her rating on is 8.5 but i'd give her maybe 6.5 even though she peaks at 8 then 9 on the site shes just not my type...
    But what are the signs that she might break up with you?
    Let me list some things that she does, well she usually texts me a lot on the phone and she called me 4x two nights ago, and she called me once last night, and she called me once today, ps. i almost never call her unless she tells me to.
    So I doubt shes gonna break up with me but i just wanna kno the signs in advance

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    She's not your type, yet you're worried about losing her?

    Let me break it down for you in simpler terms:

    You say one of your specialties is AMOGs, and yet, YOU are worried and looking for conditions and signs to let you know when to break it off before she does the same.

    If you think so lowly of her, why does it matter? Pass her to the next guy and find yourself someone better. If you really like her, learn to live with the idea that at any moment she could leave; you wouldn't be a pessimist, you'd be someone that only needs yourself to be happy. Once you begin to rely on someone to the point that it becomes detrimental to your own well-being if they leave, you've gotten pretty far into the proverbial hole.

    Also, if she has to TELL you to call her before you do, there's something genuinely wrong with that picture.

    One more thing, I see the hotornot reference, but where is the real life interaction? If this is a strictly internet thing, I would cut it before you kill yourself mentally thinking about all of this.
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    I don't get the whole hotornot thing.Who cares?Call me an old fart but I don't communicate with any girls exclusively on-line.Theres no substance in it.I sit my arse down and have a few cold-ones an shoot the shit w/the fellas on here but when it comes to women I get the hell out.
    I don't know why you would sweat this if she's not your type.Do you actually like this girl?And if you've been in a relationship before you should know the answer to your question.C.B. hit some good points.Sounds to me like you have anxiety about getting hurt,and want some tactics to head it off at the pass so you can avoid it and somehow come out on top.You have to learn to take your lumps.There's a lot of warning signs but this is so vague.A girl could pussh you away but actually want to draw you closer.She could stop contacting you but only to see if you will contact her.There's too much to it.
    I say get your feet wet and find out for yourself.You have to realize that you can't win 'em all.You're not a robot.Have some depth.

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    this guy is a joke.

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    this guy is a joke. look at his other posts... read his introductions post first and then look at the dates.

    something seemed weird so i did some homework...


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