Value Sub-communication

Value sub-communications.

There are several layers of communication that are happening simultaneously.

The major three tracks of communication in any given social interaction( In terms of TMM atleast) are phases of the emotional progression model


Kino escalation or advancing touch(Which is the most important)

And the punishment/reward sub-routine. The punishment/reward sub routine has a couple of different applications depending on where you are in the phases. In attraction we punish by negging. Whereas in comfort we punish by using freeze-ous and inserting pregnant pauses into the conversation.

Well another major way that people communicate is through thin-slicing as Malcom Gladwell called in in the book “ Blink”. Basically we stereotype others based on the behaviors that we have seen in the past filtered through our experience.

That’s why when you break eye contact down, wave your hands around a lot when you talk, speak too quickly, or rock from foot to foot while talking to a girl, they respond badly. The reason being that you have sub-communicated lower value.

When two people interact and one person is nervous the other assumes that they want something from them. If someone wants something from you they are inherently lower value. They lump you in with tge last guy who approached them who moved his hands a lot and spoke quietly and those guys typically were weird BOOM you are now classified as weird.

This directly contrasts with making strong eye contact, speaking loudly and clearly, taking up wnough but not too much space, etc. Which all convey higher status.

To me the best way to instantly convey higher status is to lock in. Locking in means that wherever you are, you move yourself or the girls to make sure that you are always the most comfortable person in the interaction. By leaning back against a bar and having the girls surround you, you show them that you are not going to stand around in empty space hemoraghing social value. You without saying a word show you are cool.

One of the really counter intuitive things about gaming is that in the beginning of an interaction, the person who is trying harder has less social value.

Others way to sub-communicate value are things like flash cash(Having a $100 bill wrapped around the outside of your wallet) Making her friends comfortable and liking you. One thing I have been using lately with great success is complimenting guys and obstacles when you start to lose their attention. I like to focus on things like fashion, energy or universally attractive roles(such as the mother of the group).

You can also sub-communicate value by the way you touch her. By showing her cool things on her body that feel good, like biting her neck or pulling her hair sub-communicates that we are good in bed. As can gioving a girl a slight neck massage before you kiss her….

You can sub-communicate pre-selection by spraying on girl’s perfume and then when asked what you are wearing, reply “nothing”. If you’re going to do this you want to go with something cheaper and smellier as we want them to be able to smell it. I use Love Speall by Victoria’s secret rather than Chanel # 5.

Leader of men can be sub-communicated by working mixed sets and being the leader of that group better than it can be conveyed by saying you are the leader of your tribe…

You can and should sub-communicate Willing to walk away by doing a well timed take away on a high attraction spike. The best time to walk away from a girl is when you have her laughing and touching you.

Using facial expressions is one of the best ways to sub-communicate things, it is much more powerful to Roll your eyes at a girl than it is to neg her. All communication is about reducing the signal to noise ratio and when you can make a facial expression that signifies you think she’s weird and aren’t saying anything that’s better than saying she’s weird.

You can also sub-communicate by touching a girl while you neg her. The Neg says one thing while the touch says the other. In general touch sub-communicates IOIS.

So when in field be aware of what your facial expressions, touching, and body posture is saying about you, because it can help you or hurt you.