FR: Don't sarge "weird" but, at the time, "okay" looking HB's

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  1. FR: Don't sarge "weird" but, at the time, "okay" looking HB's

    It's not a never thing. In fact, while in a heavily populated, almost "wild" area (i.e. a bar, club, whatever) these particular girls would love to fuck you, with the right game... But that's a whole different scenario, compared to my FR.

    So, last night, since it was Friday night, I wanted to sarge badly. In other words, this was going to be my first Friday night reformed. Because my hopeful wingman is back home for Spring Break, and I haven't found any other PUA's where I live, and I didn't want to call any AFC's, I set out on a mission to game solo.

    There is a Starbucks next to where I live, so I thought I'd start there. Time: 8:10 PM (I took a two hour nap when I came home from work). There was absolutely nobody at the coffee shop and I didn't feel like waiting, so I got a drink and bolted (thought about running game on some of the girls working there, but they weren't that cool).

    Time: 8:30. I went to the mall. Where else can one, being underage, sarge some decent looking girls? I walked around, scouting options, looking for some solo chances, or maybe a few sets that looked cool. All I saw were high school kids, AFC's with pants hanging off their asses, looking lame. This city, and this fucking mall, must be the worse in the World (today, though, I am going back to see if my options have improved). As I was leaving, I spotted two HB8's and because I was so pissed, and I hadn't really reviewed my game for a set like that, I bailed. Fuck. Big fuck-up. At least I had something to show for it, later on.

    Time: 9:30 PM. Next was this "other" coffee shop, open 24-hours a day, filled, usually, with HB's. I walk in, see like nobody (keep in mind, all of my fellow college HB's are out of town), walk up to the counter and notice that a HB7 is working the counter. At this point, I am like fuck it. So she looks at me and I say, "You're making my drink." She smiles.

    There is this guy working the cash register. So I say, to her, while the guy is helping somebody else, "Does this mean I pay you?" (Joking).

    She says something cute. I say, "But what if I don't want to pay him, but I want pay you?" Totally fucking with her.

    She loves of all of this, starting to open up a little. I throw in some fluff talk; make some jokes as she is kind of messing up the counter—spilling coffee.

    In the back of my mind, I knew what I should have been doing—DHV, routine—but she was giving me so many "strange" IOI's with her look and kept staring at me, and I kept teasing her so much—I was so irresolute at this point. So I decided to keep along with this teasing stuff.

    The guy at the register got into it, and so I used him to tease her (I negged her some more) using what he was telling me she was like. She was clearly digging it. I figured this as she made somebody’s drink and stared at me the whole time. Fucking IOI. I grinned the whole time.

    When she wasn't serving people (it was still slow) she came over to the counter and I got ready to run some DHV. I was going to do some ESP stuff, etc. But as I was getting into it, somebody came up and she needed to work. I was getting sick of waiting around. I drew a picture on this sheet she was drawing on and walked around, hoping I could open a set. Since when are coffee shops full with AFC's? Oh yeah, forever. People were ordering stuff and again, I wasn't going to wait, because that's AFC. So when it stopped, I went up to the counter, asked her where my picture went (btw, it was filled a cartoon, saying more teasing stuff). She, I believe jokingly, said she was offended, had thrown it away, and then laughed a little.

    ME: I'm outtie. But I'll call you tomorrow. (something I learned from another PUA).
    HB: Okay, you do that. (teasing some)
    ME: yeah, I'll call that invisible number. (something else clever).
    HB: (laughing)
    ME: Go ahead and write it down. (grinning).
    HB: I don't believe in phones. (something, something)
    ME: Oh, you're Amish.
    HB: No. (softly)
    ME: A hard Christian. Nice.
    HB: no. they cause brain cancer.

    That was fucking lame. So I said something else.

    HB: If you go to the UA, I'm sure I'll see you around.
    ME: Maybe, maybe not.

    I walked right out. Gave a wave and wanted to grin as she saw me leave. But didn't. I had her, I know, I could have pushed, but now I can open my game, and, if I want to, get her the next time I am in there.

    I mentioned that this girl was really, really weird, in that she kept acting a strange way and she looked like one of girls who can't get enough it. Partly why I continued to sarge her. I noticed as I talked to her that I didn't want her, but I was pissed that couldn't number-close her. At the same time, I really didn't work my usual game, so I know why. Even if I did close her, I wouldn't have called, unless another one of my acquired HB's wasn't around and I needed some.
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