After the song is over???
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  1. After the song is over???

    If you ask a HB to dance, she immediately starts to grind with you, and continues to do so to the end of the song, how do you keep her attention after the song is over?

    It just seem for me that after the song is over, between us it is usually over.

    Advice??? Help??? Anything would be appreciated.

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    Where are you when the song is playing? club? bar? bedroom?

    When it's over, take her by the hand, and move her to a seduction or comfort building location.

    ...or stay on for the next song.

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    I would think most likely the bedroom.

    Unless , your just gonna go for the lay in the middle of the dance floor then props to you

    Hmm, keep grinding on here, while you both shimmy to the CD player and change song, or change song on the Ipod or whatever really.

    You can tell when songs are ending, so while its getting to the point of silence grind with her while moving to the radio or whatever you know.

    I'm thinking bedroom since this is in the seduction section.
    If not then miaddicts advice is great


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