David Shade-"Give Women Wild Screaming Orgasms" and "Female Sexuality"
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  1. David Shade-"Give Women Wild Screaming Orgasms" and "Female Sexuality"

    Has anybody read "Give Women Wild Screaming Orgasms" or "Secrets of Female Sexuality" and cares to comment? They both seem reasonably priced at $29.97 and $9.97 respectively, are they worth the time commitment or is there a superior product out there? Are the other David Shade products recommended?


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    Great book, I recommend you buy it.

  3. Whatsup Stealth 79 and Kobra. The David Shade products look very interesting, thanks for the tip.

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  4. I got the David Shade Manual!
    He made a new great product on phone seks.

    Has anybody got any other products to pass?
    Then PLEASE pass it!

    Thank you very much.

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    His manual is worth the money.

    His 10 dollar book is just a collection of ideas about the freaky fantasies women have, but if you're interested in knowing what techniques to use to give women ridiculously great orgasms, get his manual.

    More than worth the $30

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    Anything David Shades is gold in my book.
    And lets face it, his diagrams are hilarious.

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    Which of these (or other) books would you recommend as an advanced guide to sexual technique?

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    He has "the dark secrets of female sexuality" "masterful lover foundations" and the "masterful lover manual"

    Which he has now combined into one package "dark secrets of sexuality & give women wild screaming orgasms." This is the advanced guide

    If you click through the dark secrets of female sexuality it won't charge you for it but instead will lead you to the advanced package.

    I've used his extended orgasm techniques and nipple orgasm techniques countlessly. His manual is my sex bible.

    Hope that helps.

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    Thanks for the tip man! I can't get to the package deal however, what am I doing wrong?

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    Oh sure.

    Go to www.masterful-lover.info

    punch in your name and email (so he can confirm your order)

    Scroll down to where you see this:

    Then click on the girl.

    Scroll all the way down, then you can purchase the whole pack at a discount.

    Does that help?


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