How to Talk to Anyone: 92 Little Tricks for Big Success in Relationship

I feel like LEIL LOWNDES takes a bunch of advice from forefathers and puts them in one book and claims it as her own. There is some good advice here but for reading purposes, I would recommend Dale Carnegie's material over hers. She needs MORE EXAMPLES to illustrate the points she tries to make. Yes, she covers many topics briefly but this isn't a page turner. A lot of the tips she gives have been dealt with already but she feels the need to put down DC along with "Mystery" and others who published their material before Lowndes. She says "take one interesting item and wear it so if someone wants to talk to you, they can start with it." Hmmm..Peacocking anyone??

I am trying to like her but she comes off as very arrogant. I had to plow through this book which took several days due to its textbook/school- like writing. Basic, but lots of material.

Unfortunately, she does not do a good job of making you like her. The stories are unengaging and she comes off as very cocky. She "name drops" quite often but not with the same savvy that DC does. I would still recommend this book for its loads of material, but keep in mind it's not HER material nor is it very interesting. 2.5 stars (I gave it 3 on amazon)