I want to thank you personally . . . . .

I want to thank you all personally; Mystery, Style, Swing cat, Robert Greene, Hitori, and even (hold your breath) Tyler Durden ! ! ! (just teasing you there Tyler, just in Good natured fun ) I want to thank all of those people that have been my teachers (albeit online and through thier book and videos/audios) through the past year. What for you ask? I havew accomplished what I thought was impossible my whole life, fantastic success with women, success so great that is has surpassed anything I imagined before, learnig who Mystery and Style, and love drop were. I also want to thank all of those PUA's (both male and female, and yes I think that more women need to be encouraged to become PUA's like Hitori) that have helped my odyssey along the way, and made the seduction community a reality everyday.