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    Palm Tickle

    Heres a short and sweet tip for yall to use the next time your holding your (or someone elses) girls hand.
    I use this a lot, on every girl i sarge and/or date in fact, and they love it. When your holding a girls hand, gently curl one of your fingers, preferably your index finger inwards and gently stroke and tickle your targets palm with it, move it around in circles and up and down - for some reason girls absolutely love it - its only a tiny part of the sarge but its an excellent part - you can do this while you are walking or sitting still, using some MAVEC while doing this only escalates the attraction in your favour.
    Another good part of the hand to tickle using this technique is the base of the fingers on the lower segment, try it on yourself right now - it does feel quite good to be honest and girls love it - make it slow and sensual and escalate further with KINO in different parts, shoulder, waist etc etc.
    Give it a go
    Sarge On...

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    the only thing i'd add to this is to make sure that you've cut your fingernails before doing it!!! you don't want to end up scratching the girl if you get the technique wrong.

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    NICE. will give it a go next time im out.


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