Exam Hall Sarging
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  1. Exam Hall Sarging

    Well i noticed you guys don't seem to like specific questions but desperate times call for deperate mesures.

    So theres this girl (obviously) and shes in school and she is basically the obsession of my grade for some reason. I'd give her an 8.And shes liek well younger than us, were seniors ( i think, last year?) and she'd be liek a freshman i guess (3 an 1/2 years left), it's kinda pervy but liek watever.

    Anyway it turns out im sittin beside her in our liek big school exams on monday and, long story short, my mate gave me 50-1 on me getting some off her. So i accepted an gave him a euro. So basically i could end up with around 80USD if i pull this off. Now the odds arent high because i suck at this, i usually end up making out with at least one girl every night but i am new enough to the game.

    I've a lot of faith in myself and the game but i have a few concerns as i feel that this needs to be pulled off exactly.

    - You can't talk during exams
    - People surround us, my friends and hers.
    - Most likley people won't be talking much as they want to study.
    - It is still kinda weird to talk to these people.

    Guys any tips, hints or advice you could give me would be well appricated.
    Thanks in advance.

  2. Well one thing you could do to increase contact with this chick is find out if shes involved in some clubs, sports or activities and join that thing. Be the one to start the talking and be alpha about it. Just calibrate a bit, if shes obviously focused on her study look around you, is her friend also studying if not go talk to them so you can be more comfortable with them. Once your target is free, sarge her to death. Good luck amigo.


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