Friends With Benefits (Casual Relationship)

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  1. Friends With Benefits (Casual Relationship)

    Hi all!!! This is my first post, but I've been watching this forum for a year or so....I've put this topic in comfort 'cause I think that this thing (FWB) happens after you've built attraction (so in comfort)... is my current situation and also some questions...

    I've few girls that are attracted to me...(I had plenty of IOi's) and I'm now building comfort with them...I know that I could hook up with each of them alone but my problem is that I don't want a girlfriend but a casual relationship (or FWB)...
    My problem is that I don't know how to do that...I've tried to ask one of them what she thinks about FWB (trying to persuade her on a logical level-wrong thing to do I know now and I've got response that that's not a good thing, that it never works....)
    Also..I know, if I'm just flirting with them without actually kissing them,they'll lose attraction 'cause they'll think I'm a wuss...
    So anyone know what's the best thing to do in this situation...(how to be fwb with someone or be just in casual relationship)?
    Thank You!

  2. I've had a few FWB's or (FB's - Fuck buddies) and i honestly think it's down to the state of mind the girl has. Mystery would probably say that women have evolved to stick to one man so they always have protection and support. So if you cant find a girl who is open minded about it then you have to knock down her anti-fwb defence. The only way i no of, is to have you and a wing sarge two friends together and game them so you can break down the social barriers and kiss them both. If you can make her see you're fine with her kissing another guy in front of you and re-assure her that she's ok with you kissing other women you may have a go'er.

    but be careful, you may end up losing your target to your wing. Also make sure it is what you want, i was convinced with this one girl i only wanted FWB relationship, then i realised i wanted more and she ran. I hated the fact that i knew for certain she was seeing other guys messed with my head for ages...are the other guys better, does she do different things with them...all that stuff. So becarefull bud! But let me know if anything works out.

  3. ..I figured out that it won't be easy thing to do...The reason I even want FWB is because I need to be in love with a girl or find her really, really attractive (9.5+) to date's psychologilac problem...kind of complex or smth I don't know...anyway I don't have a problem attracting girls who are 9 or less so I thought that it could be a good thing to be FWB with them when I don't want to date them...
    Maybe it's easier to deal with my problem in head then to convince girl to be my FWB..Thanks for reply


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