extreme body hair
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    extreme body hair

    I know body hair has been covered in the forum before, but does anyone have experience dealing with extreme amounts of body hair? I'm not talking about a little on your chest, I'm talking all over the place. A truly severe amount especially given my age. It's a huge problem for me and can screw my game up as it affects what I wear as well as my confidence. I'm young and pretty fit and it'd be nice to find a way to manage the hair so that I don't look like a mountain bear.

    Right now I buzz w/ some clippers to trim it down but despite vigorous cleaning of the buzzer and myself I tend to break out a day or two afterward. I'm also having results (albeit slow) with lasering my back, but this is very expensive (Hundreds of dollars per session). What are some of the techniques people are using?

  2. DO NOT CUT, SHAVE, OR TRIM YOUR HAIR. Why? Because you'll just end up having more LONGER, HARDER, THICKER hair. & you dont want that, do you?

    If I were you, i'd either wax it, OR(for peacocking) make a stylish design with your hair. Just like the one from the 40 year old virgin, HOWEVER much less goofier and more attention grabbing(this is just my opinion, think it through).

    If you really just wanna have it all removed, search on the internet for a RECOMENDED hair laser removal clinic in your area(make sure it has excelent reviews).

    Don't allow these minor insecurities to affect your inner game. It is the most important game there is. Try getting some inner game products.

    Some recomended products include:

    1) Carlos Xuma -- Secret's of the Alpha Man
    2) Hypnotica -- The Sphinx of Imagination
    3) David Deangelo's Advanced Series (w/ NLP)

    I have not tried these products, but i've heard some great reviews about them in the community products section.

    Hope this helps! =P good luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SexyStrutt View Post
    DO NOT CUT, SHAVE, OR TRIM YOUR HAIR. Why? Because you'll just end up having more LONGER, HARDER, THICKER hair. & you dont want that, do you?
    this isn't true. They grow back the same as they were before.
    If you want to get rid of them, do it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ray View Post
    this isn't true. They grow back the same as they were before.
    If you want to get rid of them, do it.
    Correct, I'm so sick of hearing this myth. How can trimming effect hair growth when the folicle is located under the skin

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    I feel your pain

    I am with you on this one mate.

    Basically there is laser and IPL (intense pulse light) these are the only semi perminant methods, they will give you 80% removal if not 90%. I have done loads of research and both give the same results, only laser is cheaper by half and can be done every 6 weeks vs ipl which is every 3 months.

    I have had 2 laser sessions so far and the results look good, it is on my back, but it isnt painless, but if you want it that bad then go for it. dont know where you are based but I go to:


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    What happens when you shave, cut, or trim is that it leaves a sharp edge on the hair, making it feel coarse, "thick", etc while all it is that your scraping your hand against sharp hairs. After a while, it softens up and doesn't feel coarse any more. With waxing, since your not cutting anything the hair regrows "natrually" and doesn't come up with a sharp edge.

    The sharp edge is also the reason why your more susceptible to infection, bumps etc whenever you cut, because the sharp edges get stuck, cause small injuries, etc that allows infection to take hold more easily. (You also micro injure your skin when you shave). Super-clean cutters don't solve everything you see. The problem is that after you shave some part of your body, you usually encase it in clothing. This in turn keeps the bodily fluids trapped and your skin unventilated which increases suspectability to infection. Thats why it's such a pain to shave your genital area b/c it's especially sweaty, musty, enclosed, etc vs the rest of your body. Maybe you should just wax instead of shave, you'll avoid a lot of infection problems that way.

    Your face is less susceptiable to infection (usually) because its never really enclosed or trapped like an armpit or crotch area.

    Or you can try acne treatment on the areas your shave. (acne.org)

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    Thanks to everyone for replies. Since I've written the original post I've done a bit of research. Here's what I feel works best - FOR ME. I understand people will have different approaches but this fits my body as well as current economic situation the best.

    Continuing the laser treatment for the back is critical. It is expensive, but the clinics that do this realize that there is a lot of competition and usually give a good deal to repeat customers. (example: my original treatment cost me $500, I'm now down to about $150 per session - not a small amount of money, but again, greatly reduced).

    I've also discovered the Bodygroom. Its a shaver by phillips-norelco designed specifically for shaving mens body hair. If you havent seen it the URL is something like www.bodygroom.com or you can just search amazon, I bought one there for $35 and it came in about 5 days.

    Hope this helps people in similar situations.


  8. Electrolysis, I hear is permanent. It basically is electricity run through every follicle to kill it off for good. But sometimes, it takes more than one session to truly electrocute the follicle to death.

    I don't know about laser and such. They don't seem to be permanent. I wonder though, are there any areas of the body that can't be treated with these treatments? Such as the ass around the anus, scrotum area, arm pits, nipples, or any other spot that is sensitive?

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    I'm a little hesistent at the idea of basically killing of parts of your body.

    You could simply learn to accept and love your body.

    I'm way hairier than normal (thanks to my hardy scandinavian stock from living in freezing winters! ), but I don't let it bother me much.

    Though I do sometimes cut my leg hair off, but that is due to the cycling background I come from where that is normal for various reasons. Aerodynamics, and is easier to patch up your legs after a crash if they are hairless, etc....


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