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    Las Vegas Group

    What's up, I just moved to Vegas about a month ago and I'm looking for a good wingman and to wing also. Shoot me an email at or a pm. -delirius

  2. Blinding and I met up yesterday; you better be there next time bro

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    Next week man, for sure. Where'd you guys end up going>?

  4. Sarging Vegas Style

    Hey Breeze and Delirious,
    Ok guys, I posted some meet ups before and everyone flaked on me.
    I have the hook ups in this town, you guys want to sarge, let me know.
    I know the hottest women and the best clubs.
    send me an email I will let you know the time and place to meet up!

  5. I'm down! Sent you an email

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    Never got the email unless your name is Jase. You could try too.

  7. Wingmen needed

    Good afternoon gentleman,
    My friend and I will be going out to Rock's Lounge to celebrate her 29th birthday on Friday. The FANTASTIC music of Zowie Bowie will be playing there at Red Rock Station. Meet at the front entrance to the lounge at 11 pm. I've been there a couple of times already both w/her and by myself. Send me a PM if you're interested.

  8. Hi guys,
    I want to check out Cherry over at the Red Rock Station this Saturday around 10:30 PM if you are game. LasVegasFlash, how does this sound?

  9. What's Cherry? A band?
    Edit -Nm LOL-

  10. Cherry is the nightclub over at the Red Rock Station and it's pretty cool from what I could tell when I was there last month.


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