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    I've already introduced myself here, so I'm not going to bother doing it again. My four days a week will be Monday through Thursday, leaving Friday as a makeup day if I fail to meet my objective on any of the previous days. I should open a minimum of 9 sets per day. If I continue to meet my objectives, then I'll just add Friday as a fifth day to the mission. Before I get started, I've read warnings about doing the newbie mission in a closed environment such as a school, so I'd like to explain why I'm ignoring those warnings and doing the newbie mission at two local colleges. The fact is, this is a dry county. There are no bars, and the clubs suck, and don't have crowds even close to the school cafeteria's. With that said, let's get started with my first day's report.

    My first set was a single, female moving target. I caught her walking up the stairs to my first class. We made a few very brief comments about the icy weather, but she was in a hurry to get out of the cold and I lost track of her once inside.

    My second set to my surprise came to me! Once in my first classroom, I saw a woman holding a French horn (which I also play) and was about to open a new set, when a woman I once dated grabbed my attention from behind me and commented on how she was surprised we were taking the class together. I don't know why, but she hugged me. I've never gotten past the touch barrier with her before. I tried to target a friend that was with her, but the girl I had once dated seemed far more receptive and talkative. Unfortunately, despite my attempts to reach the social hook point, the conversation quickly died out.

    The third set was after my second class of the day, Organic Chemistry II. I met up with a woman I had taken classes with before, but thanks to my unsocial nature, never became friends with. We talked about how we were both lost in that lecture and how neither of us remembered anything from Organic Chemistry I. The conversation was brief, and I did not reach the social hook point.

    My fourth set was somewhat by accident. I sat down in the lounge and two guys I'd taken classes with before just started talking to me. There were no women in the set, but I figured I could practice my game on them a little bit. I never reached the social hook point, but that was fine, I needed to go buy books anyways, so I excused myself and left. Once at the college bookstore, I looked around a bit and then to my surprise, ran into the same set. One of them even told me he'd lend me his old Calculus II book, which probably saved me over a hundred American dollars.

    Set five was my crowning achievement of the day. I spotted strong black woman that I had taken Ecology with last semester sitting by herself in the cafeteria. I remembered her well because she didn't think ahead and wore a white shirt to a netting field trip at the local lake, which of course got soaked. The rest of the day her shirt clung to her and she was forced to walk around doing her field trip assignment with her large, beautiful tata's fully exposed to the entire class.

    I smiled big, sat directly across from her, and opened the set. We talked about our vacations, Organic Chem II (which apparently she's taking with me though I hadn't seen her earlier that day), the icy weather and how people think it never gets cold in Texas, and other small talk items. She had to leave, but I asked her to trade numbers with me in case she wanted to study Organic Chem together later on. I never made it out of A2, but I did manage my first number close.

    Set six didn't go anywhere. I asked a random woman if I could eat my lunch with her, and she said no, that seat was taken. I should make an effort to remember not to ask permission. If I had just sat down, I could have opened the set and just pulled up another chair when her friend had come back. The way it happened, if I had pulled up another chair I would have appeared needy.

    The seventh set I met while searching for my last class of the day. It was another single, female set sitting at a table. I asked her where my class was, and she told me. Unfortunately, once she had told me, she expected me to go find it, so I didn't get anywhere. I returned later after finding my classroom to thank her, hoping I could continue from there, but she was studying something on a piece of paper. I convinced myself it would be better not to disturb her.

    I returned to my lab room to find a crowd in front waiting for the door the be unlocked, along with the person from my third set, and one of the guys from my fourth set. I was still short a couple sets, so I decided to open another single, female set sitting nearby for my eighth. I thought I had reached the social hook point for a moment, but then the conversation died. I moved on.

    I then saw someone else I had ecology with (different woman from the one mentioned before). She was part of a 3 female set, so I approached her and opened. This was the largest set I opened today. I tried to reach the social hook point, but I was mostly spectating the conversation between the three girls. I couldn't hold their attention or interest.

    I didn't need any more sets to meet my minimum, but it never hurts to try for extras. Number 10 was a woman I saw while waiting for my ride home (I didn't drive my moped today because of the ice). She looked like she was searching for something, so I asked her about it. She was having trouble finding a class. She went to the room on her schedule, but the door was locked and nobody was there. I didn't know what to do for her, so I let her go. Looking back, I could have extended he encounter by walking with her and trying to help her find her class, but it hadn't occurred to me at the time. I should remember to try to go the extra mile next time I try to be helpful.

    Set 11 was a single, female set, and a walking target. This worked about as well as the first. She was walking toward the parking lot like she was leaving, so I said, "Have a nice day". She responded with something along the lines of, "No, there is nothing good about today". She seemed irritated, so I said I was sorry to hear that and left it at that. Later, I was starting to pace to keep warm while waiting on my ride, when the same woman drove up, called out, and asked me if I needed a ride. I politely declined. My ride was already on its way, and it would be rude to make them make the trip, then not be there when they showed up.

    I know my day wasn't much, but it's at least a start. It's incredible how all the memories of openers and routines studied seem to vanish once out in the field. I didn't use any of my canned material, nor did I neg at all. Fortunately, I came up with enough conversational material on the fly to at least have some marginal success. Approaching people in which I recognize some commonality seems to be easiest for me, such as having taken a previous class together. Approach anxiety was at its worst with complete strangers.

    Sets - 11 Total - 11
    A1 - 6 Total - 6
    A2 - 1 Total - 1
    A3 - 0 Total - 0
    C1 - 0 Total - 0
    C2 - 0 Total - 0
    C3 - 0 Total - 0
    S1 - 0 Total - 0
    S2 - 0 Total - 0
    S3 - 0 Total - 0
    #-close - 1 Total - 1
    @-close - 0 Total - 0
    k-close - 0 Total - 0
    f-close - 0 Total - 0
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    My favorite part of this post is the fact that he seems to notice all the errors he made, even if he does not necessarily state them as such.

    Good job. Learning social skills from scratch at your age can be tough, but your ability to perservere despite your approach anxiety will ensure that you ultimately succeed.

    I wouldn't bother trying for numbers. Just focus on moving through A1-3, and then C1-3. If you are doing well enough, the girls will give you their numbers despite you not asking.

    Also, I'd focus a lot on building up your social skills by sarging other men. This will also enable you to make new friends, expand your social circle, create social proof, and create a support group for yourself. You seem to be at a point in your life where you are tired of being alone, and are doing something about it. Cheers! Just remember not to focus only on women, especially in a college setting. Being popular amoung the boys will place you higher in everyones eyes.

    Keep it up!


    Because The General says so!

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    Semnae, I'm proud of you, man! I'm new to MM and the game, but I'm not going at it full-steam ahead like you. You're an inspiration to anybody starting up.

    My first bit of advice is to get a physically active hobby; preferrably a team sport. You'll be able to meet some great guys this way, and becoming sociable with guys is an important step up. And don't worry if you're unfit or overweight or completely uncoordinated, you should be playing to improve all those issues and to have fun.

    Secondly, read Juggler's book, "How to meet and connect with women". What you need more than anything is a change in your belief system. Read this and your mindset will change drastically in the way you approach people, not just women.

  4. 1/17/2007 - Nothing to report. All classes canceled on account of ice. Nobody in Texas buys tire chains, so we usually get cancels one day a year. Still not sure if school will be in session tomorrow. I'll just have to make it up Friday.

    Thanks for the support guys. I'll try my best to implement your advice next time. BTW, I'm already in two college band programs (one at each college I'm attending). It's not exactly a team sport where I can chat it up with others, but it's better than nothing. I also get scholarships, so socialization isn't the only benefit. I can at least sarge people before and after the classes.

    Also I intend to be sarging a lot of people, so people I encounter twice I'm going to designate a letter (Girl A, Girl B, Guy A, ... Girl AA, Girl AB, ect), and keep going up the alphabet. Since I'm not posting names on here, this should make things less confusing.

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    If school's out and you're not spending time sarging, find another way to improve yourself. Read an interesting book. Watch an arthouse movie. Even if you do 20 push ups it's a good start.

    I like that you're using this place as a sort of journal. Keep us updated and we'll all throw in any advice we can come up with.

  6. 1/18/2007

    Set 1: I went up the stairs to my first class and ran into the girl I used to date (Girl A) getting a drink out of the vending machine just outside the door. She hadn't seen me come up behind her, and since she hugged me last time, I wanted to continue kinoing her, so I put my hand on her shoulder for a brief moment to let her know I was there. We had some small talk, no routines, and went inside the class room to meet up with her friends. I wasn't really chasing the set, I just happened to be going the same direction. The set at this point had one guy and 3 women, including Girl A's friend from yesterday (Girl B). I had a hard time gathering the nerve to start a routine, so I just spectated the conversation for what seemed like a long time. Eventually, Girl A, Girl B, and the guy left me with the remaining woman in the set. I just sat there. My mind kept screaming "Say something!", but my voice seemed to be lost. I squandered a perfectly good opportunity.

    Since I'll probably be seeing a lot of girl A, I think I should post some background info on what happened between us. I'm not quite sure how to start, so I'm going to go back to the very beginning of this story, back to when I was in high school. I'm not exactly sure how I met this girl, but I think she was my younger sisters friend, and I got to know this girl through her. Although I had met her, I didn't really get to know her well until much later. I think it was my second or third year of college when she began working with me in fast food at the local Dairy Queen. We quickly became close friends through our work and it wasn't long before I started to consider that we could possibly be more.

    Days went by, then weeks, then months, and I just couldn't gather the courage to ask her out. I don't know whether or not she realized my dilemma, but she ended up asking me out instead! Thinking this had to be the greatest thing that had ever happened to me, we went out on a couple of dates. The first one was to see Spiderman 2 in theaters, and it went great. The second one, unfortunately, was horrible. It was a dinner date, and I could barely talk. I'm already naturally quiet and shy, and the fact that I was so nervous just made matters worse. She spent the whole night trying to have a conversation with me, that just never happened. I tried... I really did try, but the words just never come out.

    After that, summer vacation began, and we lost contact. I tried calling her once, but she seemed annoyed because I couldn't think of anything to say. The next time I saw her, I didn't even recognize her. She had lost a lot of weight thanks to some metabolic research thing she was doing and looked absolutely beautiful. It's not that she wasn't attractive before, but she went from being a normal girl to super model material!

    I felt like she went right out of my league! I couldn't even talk to her before she became ultra hot, there's no way I could talk to her now. Women that attractive don't go without a boyfriend for very long, so I convinced myself that there would be heavy competition and I wouldn't stand a chance. She comes over from time to time to hang out with my sister, but we never tried dating again. Despite our past, she still seems warm toward me, so I don't think I'll put her in damaged just yet.

    Set 2: I was rather sore over what I think was a really shitty first opener of the day, but then I remembered that many people on here have said they usually need to do 3 warm up sets before getting serious, so I tried put it out of my mind. The next set was in between classes, when I ran into one of the guys from Tuesday (Guy A). This encounter didn't last very long because class was about to start. He pretty much just came up to me and told me he'd have the Calculus book tomorrow.

    Set 3: This happened immediately after set 2. The other guy from Tuesday (Guy B), came up to me and asked about my lecture recordings. I have a bit of trouble remembering test material from weeks back, so I make a habit of recording every lecture using a small, hand held, camcorder. You'd be surprised how much more video lecture recordings help with studying than just audio recordings. This encounter was rather brief because my class was starting.

    Set 4: After class, I'm already done with my classes for the day, but it's still early so I go to the lounge room just outside the class room and sit down. I was about to open what I thought was a 5 set with 4 guys and 1 woman (Girl C), including Guy A. People were still walking by, and the set quickly broke down to my advantage, leaving me with just Guy A and Girl C.

    Guy A wanted to talk about video games, so I entertained that till the conversation died down. After that, I decided it was time to try a routine, so I ran my Phone Number Opener, talking directly to Guy A. I got to the "Do you think that's weird?" part when Girl C blurts out "No!". In retrospect, I missed a golden opportunity to neg her here, but I didn't think about it. I finished running the routine, then Guy A shifted the conversation back to video games.

    Both Guy A and Girl C eventually left, and another guy (Guy C) and woman sat down in their places. Since I was already sitting down in front of them, I thought this was going to be easy. Unfortunately, both of the whipped out cell phones and started talking into them. It's really hard to approach someone when they are talking on the phone. I gave up and headed for the cafeteria.

    Set 5: I was walking kind of slowly when I looked behind me and noticed Guy C had hooked up with another guy and was coming up behind me. Guy C works at the band instrument repair shop, so I've talked with him a couple times before to get fixes for my horn every now and then. We small talked on the way to the cafeteria about the usual stuff, "How was your break?", ect, ect. The other guy broke off from the group along the way, and Guy C and I parted ways when we reached the cafeteria.

    Set 6: I was in the cafeteria for a few minutes, and I couldn't seem to gather the nerve to approach anyone. I decided to take a walk, find my classes for tomorrow, and try again in a little bit. It's a good thing too, because on my way I ran into Girl D. I met Girl D a long time ago when I joined an organization called the Unfanatics. The Unfanatics was a program set up specifically for people who have difficulty socializing. I usually attend their Valentines parties, because year after year, it really sucks to be alone on Valentines Day. Most of the members were guys, but Girl D was one of the few women in the organization. I was rather happy to see her, and she waved at me so I went up to talk to her. I asked her about her break, and she said all she did was sleep and work. I responded, "That sounds just like me... minus the work part." She got a laugh out of that. That's the first time I've made a woman laugh. Our encounter was brief because she had to get to class, so we split ways in front of the building.

    Set 7: Rather uplifted by the previous encounter, I went back to the cafeteria to try to best my approach anxiety again. I sat on a sofa for a second facing the rest of the room where I looked around at my options. So many people talking on their damn cell phones! I'm quickly beginning to hate those things. After waiting a while (I really need to work on that 3-second rule), I approached a woman sitting by herself looking rather spaced out. I said, "You look kind of spaced out." and sat down in front of her. She said she was tired, and then I began to run my Phone Number routine again. My thanks goes to Rhapsody for inspiring me to write that opener, it's worked every time I've used it. Guy A walked by while I was doing my routine. When I was done with my routine, I commented on the small plush toy key chains dangling off her backpack, and told her a story about how my sister collects them and has a large chain stretching from the ceiling to the floor at home. After the conversation died, I froze. I had memorized a bunch of opinion openers, but I just did one of those, so now what? I couldn't run another opinion routine because I just did one. I couldn't do a kino routine because we are sitting across a table from one another. I'm stuck. I ended up saying "Well it's good to meet you" and exiting the set. I'll have to do a search for more routines after I get done posting this.

    Set 8: I left my previous set rather abruptly, and I didn't want to offend her by immediately going to another nearby table and doing the same thing, so I left the cafeteria. I went to some tables in one of the hallways, where a woman was looking down the hall as if looking for someone. I sat at the table across from her and said "You look like you're looking for someone." I was right. She said she was waiting on one of her friends. I proceeded to run my Phone Number opener on her. She acted interested and the set seemed to be sticking, but something seemed wrong. When I asked her, "How long do you think she should wait before calling him?", she said, "I'm sorry, I'm not feeling well and can't answer these kinds of questions right now". I then politely removed myself from the set.

    Set 9: Back in the lounge, to find Guy A is sitting there again. I'm seeing him repeatedly today! He was interested in talking about video games again, so I entertained him. After a while, he asked me how I knew that girl he saw me talking to earlier today. I'm not comfortable lying to people, so I figured it was best to come clean. I was worried that he'd be freaked out, but he laughed and thought it was really kewl. He was interested, and I wouldn't be surprised if I could use him as a wing some day. Not long after that, a group of four women came in and sat down next to us. I think Guy A was hoping I'd show him some of my stuff, but Girl C was in the group, and I had already run an opinion routine on her today. Guy A introduced me and the woman I'd met last on Tuesday (Girl E) said we'd met and she'd already given me her "I hate the world" rant. Since I hadn't opened, I couldn't do a kino routine either. Much to Guy A's disappointment, I just sat there and spectated the conversation. After a while, Guy A got up and left, and so did I shortly after.

    Set 10: After doing some stuff upstairs, I came down to find Guy A and I had been replaced in the set by 2 more women. One of them was Guy B's girlfriend (Girl F). She's always gone out of her way to be nice to me. I think she sees that I'm alone all the time and pities me, or she may just be some really hyper social girl that talks to everyone. In any case, she waved excitedly at me and beckoned me over to talk to her. She asked me about my break, and I entertained her small talk. There were no seats remaining, so I didn't particularly feel like keeping this up for long. I told her I had to leave and excused myself from the set.

    While I wasn't lucky enough to get another number close, I transitioned from A1 to A2 more today than I did Tuesday and found a potential wing. I'm calling that progress. I'm still not using negs. I'm a really nice guy, so implementing negs into my routines is going to be very difficult for me. I need non-kino, non-opinion opener routines to keep the conversation going in certain situations. I need to work on starting sets within 3 seconds of seeing them. My encounters still seems somewhat brief, but I expect to improve that as I memorize more routines.

    Sets - 10 Total - 21
    A1 - 10 Total - 16
    A2 - 4 Total - 5
    A3 - 0 Total - 0
    C1 - 0 Total - 0
    C2 - 0 Total - 0
    C3 - 0 Total - 0
    S1 - 0 Total - 0
    S2 - 0 Total - 0
    S3 - 0 Total - 0
    #-close - 0 Total - 1
    @-close - 0 Total - 0
    k-close - 0 Total - 0
    f-close - 0 Total - 0

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    Congradulations on starting the mission. Make a committment that come hell or high water you are going to complete matter fucking what.

    Keep up the good work.


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    Keep it up! I'll be watching your thread.

  9. 1/19/2007

    Set 1: I arrived at school, and headed for Calculus. Once inside the building, I notice, this place is really different from the rest of the school on the other side of the lake and library. There are bright colored stock tickers lining the walls, people pass by without saying hello as they pass and don't open doors for each other, many are dressed in suits, and there's even a little coffee shop cafe called Liberty Station on the lower floor. This doesn't seem like a good place to practice my game. I think if I started trying to make a conversation with someone here, they'd put their hands on their wallets and wait for me to leave. My class is on the second floor, so I head for the elevator. When the elevator doors opened, I there was room so entered and headed for the side of the elevator, when the woman getting off yelled behind without even stopping to look at me, "Wait for the people getting off before you get on dummy!" I stood there rather stunned for a moment. She kept walking and never gave me a second thought.

    After class, this building seemed very alien and scary to me, so I quickly made my way back to the other side of the lake for my next class. I arrived at the lounge I usually sit at, and spotted a 3 set including 2 women (Girl G and Girl H) and guy A. I blurted out exactly what was on my mind and said, "That building across the lake is like a pre-9/11 New York stereotype micro-culture!" They were amused, and Girl G started laughing, so I told my story. They informed me that many people consider waiting for people to get off the elevator before stepping on to be common courtesy (I was not aware). They also agreed that she was more hostile than she should have been over the situation. The women started talking among themselves, and Guy A turned to me and started talking about video games, which I entertained, and the set terminated when we all went upstairs to class.

    Set 2: I take my French Horn out of the case and realize, my rotors are frozen! I hadn't practiced all break, and since I left my horn in the locker, I hadn't had the opportunity to oil the rotors. I had spent a few moments trying to get the rotors to budge, when a guy walked up to me and said, "Hey, I saw you holding a French Horn, so I thought I'd introduce myself. I'm Guy D, the new French Horn player. I haven't played in about 9 years so I hope your band director will be happy with me." To which I responded, "He'll be a lot happier with you than he'll be with me if I don't get these fucking rotors to move!" and called out "Does anybody have a pair of pliers?" The whole room is in the set now, and someone tells me to go get a pair of pliers from the band director. I say I can go see the band director about this because he'll be pissed off at me for not practicing over the break and letting my rotors freeze up again. Finally, I managed to force the rotors to move, though now the strings are loose and need to be restrung. I figured it would work for class, and it did, so moved on.

    Set 3: I sit down in my chair with Guy D, Girl G, and Girl I sitting around me. I made some small talk with the group. We are sitting in a line, and I'm in the middle, so to face anyone means I have to turn away from someone else. I was faced towards Guy D and finishing up introductions, when Girl I places her hand on my shoulder to get my attention. She must have thought I was startled, because when I turned to face her, she jerked her hand back and started apologizing. I said it was alright, and she turned back to talk with Girl G, so I placed my hand on her shoulder and said "Rawr!" in a really playful way. We continued to talk small talk until band started.

    Set 4: After class, I was getting worried because it was 2:00, and I still only had 3 sets completed. It's was well past lunch, so I didn't think I'd be able to find that many sets in the cafeteria. I stepped on the elevator, and a woman stepped on with me and said, "I'm too lazy for the stairs". Once again, in retrospect, I missed another golden opportunity for a neg. I talked small talk with her on the way down, and lost track of her once the doors opened. i never reached the social hook point.

    Set 5: The elevator doors opened, and I see this enormous crowd right in front of me! What luck! The music majors and minors were having a meeting, and practically the entire department was there, waiting for the meeting to start. Immediately I saw our fourth horn player from last year, and went to speak with him. I asked him why he wasn't in band this year and he gave me some excuse about not getting paid enough and too much trouble. Then he said, "I hear you have a new horn player this year.", to which I replied with a cocky smile, "Yeah, we replaced you." My first neg! We made small talk for a little bit, then the guy walking with Guy C yesterday (Guy E) came over and took his attention away, so I went to find another target.

    Set 6: Set six was sitting by herself just outside the crowd. I sat down beside her and asked if she was new here. I then made like I was introducing myself to all the freshman musicians. We made small talk for a while, then she went inside the recital hall where they were holding the meeting.

    Set 7: The meeting was about to start, but people were moving slowly into the recital hall, and several people were still not moving, so I thought I still had a chance to pick up one more set before running out of time. I saw Girl G and Girl I still chatting, so I went up to them. Girl G left the set right away, but Girl I looked familiar so I asked, "Hey, have we met?" (extending my hand for a hand shake) She said, yes, we have, and walked away. I felt like an ass. I have no idea where I met her before, but I apparently offended her. I was out of time, so I went to the cafeteria to try to pick up my remaining sets.

    Set 8: I walked in the cafeteria, and wanting to implement the 3 second rule, walked to the first table I saw and asked, "Do you know where to get spoons around here?" He told me just around the corner, so I left my back pack there (so I'd have a reason to come back) to go look. I came back and said they only offer knives and forks, and sat down across from him. I kept up the small talk for about half an hour. His cell phone interrupted us twice, and he seemed really annoyed by it turning it off after the second time. Eventually he had to leave, so we both stood up and parted ways.

    Set 9: I stood up and looked around the room for my next target. There were plenty of good sets I could have opened, but I just stood there looking around the room. After a while, I left the cafeteria and began cursing at myself. Why?!? Why couldn't I just do the exact same thing I did with Set 8? Why did my anxiety suddenly flare up like that? I had walked all the way back to the lounge before I'd figured it out. My problem is not with approaching strangers as I initially thought. My sticking point is with approaching strangers that look like they are already having a good time. Every time I've approached a stranger, they were looking bored, or tired, or lost, and were usually by themselves. I've never approached a set of strangers where they were smiling and having a conversation already.

    I had gone all the way back to the band hall and made up my mind that I was not going to go home until I'd opened one more set. Just then, I saw Girl G being pushed by another band guy in her wheel chair. I said, I was headed that way and offered to push Girl G out to her car, but he politely said there was no need. At the elevator, Girl G commented that her engagement ring keeps rolling to the side, so I made some sciency comment about that and continued to make small talk from there. We parted ways in front of the building, and I went home.

    I made a lot of progress today, but I also painfully ran into my first sticking point like running head first into a sliding glass door. I didn't use any routines today, but I got along just fine without them. I can probably keep using "How was your break?", "Hey are you new here?", and "How about this icy weather?" which I keep referring to as small talk for another week, then I will absolutely have to start using more routines. I need to use more negs and keep trying to implement the 3 second rule. My conversations are holding out much longer, and without counting, I feel sure that I made it to A2 today more than I did yesterday. Next week, my primary objective will be to make it to A3.

    Sets - 9 Total - 30
    A1 - 8 Total - 24
    A2 - 6 Total - 11
    A3 - 0 Total - 0
    C1 - 0 Total - 0
    C2 - 0 Total - 0
    C3 - 0 Total - 0
    S1 - 0 Total - 0
    S2 - 0 Total - 0
    S3 - 0 Total - 0
    #-close - 0 Total - 1
    @-close - 0 Total - 0
    k-close - 0 Total - 0
    f-close - 0 Total - 0

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    You're making us proud, Semnae! Keep going at it.

    By the way, try skipping the Attraction stage with some people and work on some Comfort Building. In your environment, it may be appropriate in some situations. It wouldn't hurt for you to get Friend Zoned a bit, because we all enjoy having friends we can hang out with. This would be especially true for the guys you approach, and having some girl friends will allow for them to become pivots later on.

    One of Juggler's favourite early questions is, "So what's your story?" People interpret this question in different ways, so try asking that and see what their response will be!

    Like you, I love video games and could talk my head off about them. I could also talk my head off about Lord of the Rings. But I don't, especially not any more. My time in the last while has been completely occupied by things except video games, even though I love them. My plan is to one day make them (I'm studying Software Engineering), and I have no qualms about telling this to girls. But it's not going to get good conversation going (but does allow for grounding). If you don't have a job, get one. If you don't have time for a job, still get one. This way, you will have VERY limited time, and it will get you to prioritise your time into anything other than video games. It doesn't mean that you'll stop playing them completely, but you'll play them in moderation. And some extra money never hurts


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