Funny things to put on your Facebook status
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  1. Funny things to put on your Facebook status

    On Facebook there is a section where you can create a phrase describing your status, or what you're doing right now. The sentence always starts with you name, and "is" and then you complete the rest. So it looks like "Vic is _______". When you make one, all of your friends get notified if they want and can see what you put, I had a situation where this hb8.5 really wanted me because I kept on rejecting her and telling her I was too much trouble for her, and decided to post that as my status. It read, "Vic is too much trouble for you anyway." I got an immediate response from a different hb8. I've been thinking if it's worth putting others on, I've thought of a couple more, seeing if anyone else has any clever ones:

    "Vic is probably not your type"
    "Vic just too much for you to handle"
    "Vic just can't help himself sometimes"

    Also, there's this flaky hb9 on there and was thinking about putting something in regards to that. What do you think? Something like,
    "Vic is not amused getting his time wasted"
    "Vic is not a fan of flakes, except the frosted kind"

    Can you guys think of others?

  2. I have found that Facebook is the easiest for anyone to game on. I sent out multiple messages this past week not expecting anything from one to two lines emails and they responded. I'm on email #2 with some of them while others have since faded away but if there's one thing I've learned, don't care what the outcome is.

  3. Do you put anything on your status, or do you just leave it blank bigfreshed?

  4. If I remember correctly Vic, I just leave it blank. I know a lot of other guys talk about MySpace but it seems like that is turning into spam central now. F'in Rupert Murdock!! :-(

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    Here is my contribution:
    "BrilliantPUA is probably the best thing that has ever happened to you"
    "BrilliantPUA is not going to tolerate any bullsh1t"
    "BrilliantPUA is going to DHV and neg the heck outta y'all"

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    Royalflush is sexy.

    I used this a couple times and I even had some women send me messages about it.

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    I never put anything on my status. My thoughts are, that I don't have time to put up a status because I'm out doing stuff. I try to keep my profile as brief as possible as well.

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    Waltradomous Guest

    In my status is automatically makes it say "I am" before whatever I write, what's up with that?

  9. you sure take FB seriously.. i just put stuff like "is racing superman around the world" or "sky diving naked with super models"


    i'd rather just show who i am(even if it is in a probably negligible way) than try to come across as too self obsessed...

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    I like to put:

    "James is with your girlfriend"


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