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  1. Hey chaps, 23 year old wanting to expand my social circle with more socially un-retarded people. Sadly work evenings, but usually have friday or saturday night off. Broke up with the gf a month or so ago now so wanting to get back on it!

  2. 32 year old here. Looking to got out in Nottingham. No cock ends though yeah Reply here or fire us a PM. Thanks.

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    Hey guys,

    experimenting PUA since 2005. Recently broke up with my GF after 4 years (my decision), and haven't practised game in earnest for about 3, so I'm definitely out of practice.

    Would like to ease back into it with like-minded individuals (my current buddies are taking an interest in the scene, but at 37 I can't be bothered waiting for them to get up-to-speed) in Nottingham.

    Looking for some relaxed, interesting wings to sarge with at a moderate pace. Preferably slightly older, as I might not have the energy to keep up with the 21 year old student stallions!

    I had a decent amount of success before I got 'Oneitis', and would consider myself (at the time) reasonably proficient on the fundamentals, although there were some things I needed to work on. I'm well-dressed (used to Peacock like crazy but that doesn't feel like 'me' anymore), good looking, cheeky, funny, smart, and with an Irish accent that generally goes down well. Looking to learn from those better than me, and pass on what knowledge I may have acquired.

    Would be interested to know if there's any get-together or social gatherings to ease me into it, or PM / Message me if you think I should jump straight in at the deep-end if you want to wing with me!

  4. Hey boadle, sent you a PM mate.

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    Replied. Thanks Lucky!

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    Anyone still around ? Based around the Lincoln area ?

  7. Looking for a wing in nottingham, im confident with online game and confident with transitioning it and trialing things

  8. In for Nottingham and Derby.

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