I Want A Man With "Goals" and "Ambition"
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  1. I Want A Man With "Goals" and "Ambition"

    The other day I was in that alternate reality known as Yahoo! Abortion Chat 1. Anyway, I asked the question, "Why is it considered inappropriate to ask a women her weight or age? I know the answer, I was just curious to see what "The Room Think," was on this particular topic. Of course I got the typical misandrist hyprocritical reposnses. Then I made the comment that a woman should never ask a man what he does for a living. I told The Room that I felt that asking a man what he does for a living is the equivalent to asking a woman her age, weight, or rack size. The blanant hyprocrisy that promulgates in this room never seizes to amaze me.

    Even the biggest of AFC's Nice Guys and Clueless effs know that the "occupation question," is a sh*t test and a qualifer. When I asked why do you need to know what a guy does for a living? The ladies responsed with, "I want a guy with "goals," and "ambition." I can back with, "so you want a guy with money?" Of course they responded with the typical, "No it's not about money answers. "Money isn't important." I'm "independent," and I can support myself." I then asked this question, "So the guy working at McDonald's has a shot with you? Only one chick gave a halfed a$$ed honest response. She said "No. I want to know if a guy wants to do something with his life." These chicks tend to gossip and put their whole life story in the chat room, so I know a little about their personal lives. When babygirl said that, I replied, "Yeah, you need somebody that would be able to support you and your two daughters." Responses like this is why O.M.R. is so villified and deeply loathed in Abortion Chat 1. When I hold up the mirror as I often do, these b*tches don't like the reflection. Homegirl went on to tell me the same nonsensical and hyrocritical b.s. that money wasn't an issue. The kicker is this one stupid b*tch that actually had the audacity to say the reason why she asks what a guy does for living is so "she knows what he does with his day?" Can you believe that sh*t? What bearing does "knowing what a guy does with his day" have to do with how he treats a woman and whether or not a chick would enjoy his company.

    It's quite possible that a guy with not personal goals or ambition could be a great guy in a relationship. Just because he's content with working at McDonald's, being a mechanic, working at Jiffy lube, or the comic book place doesn't mean he would be a bad boyfriend. Hell, he might be the best thing for the lady in in question. The point is that whether women admit it or not, they equate a man's ability to make money and provide with his masculinity. The more money he makes, the more stability, security, and opluence he can put in babygirl's life. At least initally anyway.

    Like I said what kills me is the blantant hyprocrisy and the excuses that are made for it. Yet instill these "ladies," constantly lambaste and scorn me for my brass and direct honesty. Yes, I want a hot chick and I expect her to put out after three dates. Yes, if I can afford it I want my wife to be a housewife. Yes, I wouldn't enter into a relationship with a single mother, Yes, I wouldn't enter into a relationship with a woman with male "friends." I put it all on the table for ole Rex hides nothing. Either you can except my terms or you can engage in a relationship with somebody who'll kiss your ass and entertain your delusions of ganduer. In the end we'll both be extremely happy.

    Part of the reason I frequent Abortion Chat 1 is that I'm utterly fascinated by women and they're f*cked up thought patterns and rationale. These women would plan a trip to from New York to Miami. Get on I-80, instead of I-5, then wonder why five days later why they're in S.F. as opposed to Miami. That's how f*cked up they're thinking is. These gals truly Cannot Understand Normal Thinking and I find it stupefying to say the least.

    Go to www.yahooregs.com to see these chicks. You'll quickly find out that that most of them have one thing in common.

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    Look man when I was unemployed I had women taking me out. When my best friend was unemployed, living with his mother and had no car at the age of 25 he was still banging HB 8-9's. And to top it off when I was working part time taking out the trash at an office building I flirted with an older cute chick who worked at the company and who was dating a pilot and I ended up at her place
    with her fixing me dinner and massaging my feet. She was willing to breakup with her 6 figure a year pilot boyfriend for my broke ass. LOL!! So even in the lowest points of my life (this was like 8 years ago) I was getting girls before I knew about a community. Yes they would love for you to have big goals and ambitions but that wont stop her from dating you.

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    I don't think it's just women. Modern society in general is shockingly artificial.

    With that said, not all women are misandrist hypocrites. I'm guessing that you've had bad experiences with women in the past so now you feel ill feeling toward women in general.

    Yes people are fucked up but claiming that all women are fucked up in the head shows hypocrisy on your part. Have you perhaps noticed the level of misogyny and alarming lack of respect for women in the world today? You're starting to sound like one yourself.


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