Gemini Pattern, Rising Sun Pattern

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  1. Gemini Pattern, Rising Sun Pattern

    Hey guys,

    I've had a few requests for these, so here they are.

    Im just going to post the actual patterns, and not explain exactly how to perform some of the more advanced concepts in each, so it would be best if you have an understanding of NLP and patterning before attempting these.

    Particularly, a knowledge of 'parts' techniques would be useful. Essentially its when you create (by naming and describing) a 'part' of someone which you would like to bring out. then use guided visualisation or any other post-hypnotic suggestions to guide the subject into the desired 'part'. anchor the state and your off.

    use these how you will...

    The Gemini Pattern:

    1) "Most people dont realize there are actually two women inside the woman. There's the culturally/socially programmed woman (build on this) i.e. roles she has to play like Debbie the mother, Debbie the employee etc ..."

    2) "But then there's the natural woman who has passions, fantasies, sexual feelings,amazing
    possibilities, the most exciting memories, the kinds of things you wouldnt want your
    bestfriends to know about (build on this)."

    "(Because of the roles she has to play according to society) a person has to lock that place away to keep it safe, and yet it's (the natural woman) inside just waiting to emerge ...Waiting to be released."

    "What is it about the way certain people affect us that causes us to think of THIS
    SPECIAL PERSON in that special place, to hear this voice, to feel this presence, see this face from that spot."

    "In such a way that no matter how we TRY to deny that desire to act, it takes on a life of
    its own, compelling, vivid, real."

    "Where this voice inside says YES! I want to step into that special place with this special
    person, and explore anything that we can both make real! (another definition LOVE)."

    "What would it be like for a person to just right now, feel all those hidden parts and
    desires, and wakeup hungry, ready and alive!"

    "Realizing this is the moment, right here RIGHT NOW! A chance to move in to a nude
    erection (new direction). The thing about them (nude erection) is that it's not just enough to ponder them, instead you've got to reach out, grab hold of them, take it all in as far as it will go, make it a part of who you are."

    The Shadow and the Rising Sun Pattern:

    1) "You know, I was thinking about something the other day ... about polarities ... about the whole concept of the Yin and Yang ... about hot and cold ... black and white ... light and darkness. And how opposites are really the same thing ... just varying degrees on the same spectrum ... of possibilities ... and how one is defined in relation to the other ... and how there are no absolutes."

    2) "And then I remembered something that a psychologist friend of mine said once ... She said, "I have to go feed my shadow" ... and I wasn't quite sure what she meant at the time until I read something by Jung."

    3) "We are born completely whole and it isn't until we learn what our current culture tells us whatis good and what is bad that we start to both repress and express these parts of

    4) "He said that everyone has a Shadow ... a hidden side ... a place of forbidden desire.
    This is that part of you that you hide from the rest of the world ... maybe even from
    yourself ... where you can experience and imagine these thoughts ... these thoughts that
    you don't tell anyone about ... where you really want to experience all the excitement of
    this moment ... to let go of all the things that had been holding you back before ... to just
    let go ... experience all that life offers you now. The Shadow is a good thing he believed,
    because it brings a sense of balance."

    5) "Now, this sense of balance is very important because the concept that whatever you
    repress grows and begins to spill over into other parts of your life. If your shadow is
    repressed it grows and grows ...until it just takes you over completely. Jung said it was like the Rising Sun ... because in the morning, as the Sun rises in the sky ... it gets higher and higher ... closer and closer to the highest point in its path (midlife) ... until at mid-day it changes polarity completely ... and everything that was once true has now changed ... and now the opposite is true ... and the sun goes down. This was the concept behind mid-life crisis."

    6) "So balance then is a good thing, and Jung believed that the first part of our lives
    Is about separation from the shadow, while the latter part of our lives is about integration
    with the shadow and about being whole."

    7) "Now what if you were to see your shadow right in front of you, and talk to it, what
    would it say?"

    8) "Now what if you were to step into your shadow right now, and see the world through the eyes of your shadow ... What would that say about the person that you were before and what does this say about who you are now?"

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    Preceding these patterns with the Hospital Pattern, and finishing with symbol morphology completes the October man sequence.

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    no, it doesnt. trust me.


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    According to my knowledge it is.

    I know the October man sequence presented in in10se's new book is a little different, but in his original post, Im not sure if it was an email or what, he (in10se) outlines those 3 patterns, and a symbol morphology at the end.


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