FR: Initial Success on New Year leads to crazy success
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  1. FR: Initial Success on New Year leads to crazy success

    Initial Success FR 1/2

    Sup Fellas,

    First Field Report to the Community so bear with me. I'm new to the community and finished the game in early December....Please Critique.

    It's 6:44 AM on 1/1/07 as I write this. I have to work a 14 hour shift at an investment bank in about 2 hours. I have not had any reasonable amount of sleep in the past week because I've been sarging every single day for 8 hours a day. This is the most sarging I've done since I've joined the community. This post is all about process and not results. However due to the momentum of this night I ended up the next night with two chicks on my bed with their tops off making out asking me to join them. Let's start on New Year's

    I've been looking forward to the night for the past two weeks. Tkts to China Club with my Semi-Natural CoWorker who turned me onto the game. We'll call him NoLimit. He's an RAFC/GPUA. He's pulled a new chick every week for the past 4 weeks since graduating from the game. Like I said, a natural with some knowledge owns.

    Along with him are 3 AFCs, my HB10 Azn Pivot and her AFC Boyfriend. I start the night kind of pissed off as we're gonna be late to the venue and I've paid 150 for bottle service and open bar. Finally 1 AFC, my wing, my pivot and her boyfriend get to my place at 9:30, we pregame for half an hour then bounce to the China Club. Immediately I get separated and spend half an hour looking for my table. I'm irked. Not in the right state. My Wing finds me and introduces me into the set. I come in with a good amount of energy above the set but I should have come in with more. My Wing's intro is "Hey guys, I just want you to meet one of the most amazing guys ever, Rafter" I can feel my energy lvl rise. Immediately open the AFC's in case they wanna cockblock later. Fluff 3 of them for about 10 minutes total.

    I then call up my pivot and have her enter the set. HB10 insta social proof. I can feel the eyes from the chicks on me but I will not yet approach. I want tonight to be so tight that they can't so no. So I pull aside my wing and we sarge.

    I see an HB9 making hard eye contact. THis is the hottest girl I've seen so far for the past month in the game. I'm a little drunk so I go open without any AA.

    Rafter: Hey do I know you?
    HB9: No
    Rafter: Yeah I do. Did you go to (my college)?
    HB9: Um...No.
    Rafter: Where are you from?
    HB9: Boston.

    Awesome I'm from Boston. North Boston. I grew up in a town called Newton...Okay so I didn't but who cares. Its flirting. I neg her on her necklace "Hey I love your necklace, I just gave my kid sister the same one for her birthday/new years/xmas/whatever holiday just passed" (Copyright ME) Meanwhile NoLimit has been canned negging her. 2 negs, nails and hair. Out of nowhere HB9 wants to know if we party. She means if we have coke. She is now HBCokehead.

    My reply, yes, but not on me. NoLimit tells her we'll have some by 1AM if she sticks with us. She offers $1,000 for coke. The way I figure it, if I take the chick back and not give her any she won't OD. Woot PUA is for good not evil. I tell her we're millionaires (DHV) and we don't need her money. We'll give it to her if we like her enough. (Start qualifying yourself now woman) But there's a problem, she's pretty drunk already and she doesn't bite. Its 11PM. NoLimit leaves for a sec so I can iso her. My pivot instantly shows up (thanks NoLimit) and proceeds to tell HB9 how awesome i am etc. Now as you know, a hot girl telling a hot girl that I'm awesome sounds so much better than me telling her. I kino by taking the HB9 by the hand and lead her to my table. I lean into the closest AFC I can find and tell him to play along and that he's a crack dealer. The guy starts giving negative body language, saying he can't do that blah lbhal blah, fuck AFC's can't wing for shit. The HB9 reads this as a no on the coke and tells me she'll be right back. I let her go thinking its true. (I'm still an RAFC not a PUA)

    However, my social value has dramatically increased. HB10 pivot engaged me, Wing and I disappeared for a bit, and I showed up with an HB9.5 in about 15 minutes of meeting the set. I see an HB8 blonde from the set and and ug go to the bar. I follow.

    I open with just "Hi are you guys sitting with us?" Shoulda used a canned line. Two girls fighing outside. Not Jealous girlfirined. A long conversation was not what I wanted, just the social vlaue of being out and about and seeing all the cool shit. Didn't hook them. But got some smiles etc. Went back to the table.

    HB10 tells the Ug Im a professional poker player while Wing hits on HB8. Wing hooks. Wing throws in that I am a poker player and on TV a lot or some shit to backup Pivot. Ug goes "Oh so I'm supposed to be more attracted to you now?" Key word was "MORE" Obviously she already was. I failed the shit test by chiding HBpivot not to tell everybody what I do. Fucken wrong move. Shoudla said something like naw, I'm only screening the gold diggers. Whatever she was an ug.

    I sit down and find my target. HB7 brunette. Good face, tight uppe body, C cups. Bottom a little large but its all good. I do a natural opener build A2, then kino by taking her hand and going to the bar. Its an open bar so I offer to buy her a drink =)

    With confidence I do her order, mine, and her two friends. We double fist it back to the table. On the way I tell her she's my backup kiss for the night. She smiles. (thanks NoLimit)

    I then do some crazy stupid shit. Thinking that the best way to move into A3 is to abandon the girl and do a REAL takeaway at 11:54AM, 6 minutes before making out. Shoulda just done it then and say hey lets practice for New Years. Anyhow, I find one of the AFCs on crutches and tell him we're sarging. I open an HB7 blonde by commenting on his broken ankle. He jumps in and I let him talk. She doesn't hook. Fucking AFC Noobs, die in hell.

    I make my way back to the table and realize the whole bar has gone silent wtf? Then I hear 10....9....awesome time to....8....WTF?.....My target is being kinoed and EC by an AFC.....7.....6....AN AFC? WTF? Maybe he's not an AFC and its just new years but FUCK....5.....4...Fuck Fuck....3....2.......1.... Shit I look around. THe ug pecks her other ug friend on the cheek. NoLimit is tonguing the HB8 blonde. My pivot is tonguing her boyfriend. Crutches is nowhere to be seen and I'm standing there like. To rub salt into the wound, targets sees me leering at her then gives me a fist break handshake. IM A TOTAL AFC I SUCK AT LIFE. I COULDN'T DO THIS IN THE NEW YEAR I SHOULD QUIT THE GAME NOW. Take myself out of the gene pool.

    I feel this way for 5 seconds.

    Then I have a talk to the most important person in the bar, me.

    I tell myself I've read the game, the venusian arts, jugglers book, juggler sarging in england, the masf and mystery method forums, the asf forums even with that stupid fuck ray something who claims he invented the pivot. No. I am a new person. I will not stand for this shit.

    Target stands up and I immediately jump on her, on the dance floor. We start grinding and I tell her I hate her. She goes why? in a C&F tone I tell her cuz we didn't make out. She makes a sad face and I look at her lips, tilt her head. and Boom MY FIRST KCLOSE. I AM AN ELITE MPUA. Go ring the bells baby, cuz I just got wings. I keep tonguing, grinding, groping, fondling...Awesomeness. Then I sit her down and eject.

    I am a fucken WAFC. I do not deserve to sit here and type this.

    I'm thinking I'm creating more DHV with A3 when I'm already in C2. I skipped C1. Kid's, listen to Mystery, and fucken go thorugh the steps. This would bite me hard later in the night.What I should have done is C1 then immediatley back to C2. Venue changed to a differnt part of the bar. Then Venue changed to my apt.

    Experience is the name we give to our mistakes. - Oscar Wilde

    I then come back, pass out for 10 minutes. Wake up. Find target. Dance with target. Kiss close target. Eject. Repeat x2. I am an WAFC

    At around 2:30AM target comes back saying she has to call her friend. I go all AFC now because i"m afraid I'll lose her and not Fclose her. Her cell's dead. I offer mine. I tell her how if she left with my AFC best friend he'll take care of her. Blah blah. I should have just fucken made out with her and cave manned her to change venues. (PS I found out her friend was doing up the AFC that showed at the apt. Maybe not an AFC after all)

    I wander outside and apparently its 4AM. Crutches, NoLimit, and the AFC that madeout with my target is there. We're waiting for NoLimit to close. I think he can do it. Why? I think they were planning on something... I only caught a piece of the conversation. It went:

    HB8: Let's go back to your place.
    NoLimit: Done.

    She doesn't show after 10 minutes. It's lightly raining. Fucken new years. But NoLimit is not an AFC. He says fuck it. We sarge a bar, venue is dead. AFC who made out with my target complains that he doesn't wanna leave cuz he just paid a 10 dollar cover. The rest of us walked in like we were there all night.

    Rafter: Don't ever pay cover again. You are an AFC.
    AFC: Yeah, you're right. What's an AFC?

    I then talk to AFC about the target. He mentions that she told him she had a boyfriend. and that he saw her makeout with a 3rd guy. HAHA. I'm an idiot who increased her buying temp and she left with that dude. Its all good, the real idiot is the BF. Still, I learn a hard lesson.

    I then take NoLimit and ditch the other two and we sarge a 2 set on the street. They can't get into their building so I open with a neg on that. One bites, an HB8blonde and the other HB6 is a bitchy. We change venue to a deli and we both game the HB8. Obviously we both get blocked.

    Find one last bar.

    NoLimi opens and gets blown out. I follow the same chick and tell her that was such a lame line, I can't believe i'm friends with that guy. She laughs. Asks me to dance. I start grinding her and she tells me to backoff. Apparently she's doing the Samba. FUcking Latin girls. I love and hate them.

    I then spot a 2 set and debate with NoLimit about how to open. We then tell each other we broke the 3 second rule and we suck. He goes outside. I tell myself no way am I going into the bar and not opening. I open a lone wolf. HB7 Latina. She loves me. Her boyfriend comes up. He loves me. I eject. Get a msg from NoLimit that he has a Limit and is headed home. I walk back and get opened by a chick who uses the "Hey didn't you go to college with me?" Haha, it comes full circle. Except she was telling the truth. With her friend. I then fluff, and ask for the number. Except I ask the set and not the target. The dude gives me his number. WOOT NUMBER CLOSE FROM A DUDE!!! I AM A MPUA.

    I then proceed to crash.

    All in all, my first kclose with an HB7/8. But thats not all....

    The NEXT night I went out (1/1/07) with a natural PUA, J-Latin, my roomie. He's read the game too. And basically we bring 3 latin girls back to our place, 1 HB7bisexual, 1HB8 friendly, and 1HB8 "Virgin" with massive LMR. Virgin. Yeah right. She wasn't a virgin. J-Latin found that out and blasted that LMR. I on the other hand had two chicks making out with their top off on my bed. I joined in. I was told "Can you pleasure me?" I responded with my hand down her crotch. A second later.

    "Are you hard?"

    I did not fclose either chick.

    I initally blamed the fact that all 3 are Latin and I'm Azn and I kept letting the chicks say "Wow your the first azn guy I've been with" fuck me up and other stuff and totally go AFC when I saw 2 chicks in my bed. But in reality, J-Latin outalphed me. He took my targets awy without trying. Hell I basically offered the one I really wanted to him after I bought into his frame.

    Two steps forward....1 step backward.

    I am a RAFC. I am working to become a PUA. Hard as I can. But I'm not there.

    It's 7:30 and I'm gonna take a half hour nap before work. I find that sleep is a luxury only the lazy can afford. (Wow that was good. Copyright me.)

    However, I rest ez now that I've finished 1/2 the FR. The next one about the 3some is to come. And how I picked them up but fucked it up and J-Latin outalphed me and had all 3 chicks on his bed for a 4some while I was there swearing. Then tried to Freeze out a girl with another girl's hand down her crotch. she basically said "Come here rafter". I ejected. I don't know why i don't go in when given the opportunity. I suck at life. Yeah if it wasn't for my comp crashing you'd have that report right now. But it sucks. So I had to retype my first report. This one's process, next one's about results. Cya in 24 hours.


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    We'll call him NoLimit. He's an RAFC/GPUA
    I should have stopped reading there, but I skimmed on anyways. It really seems like you were trashed when you wrote this. You will get more and better feedback from the forumites if you keep your field reports shorter and better organized.

    Do it, because The General told you to.

  3. His name is a joke. Read through the end. and yes I was quite wasted when I wrote this.

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    No more bashing the wings/noobs.
    If your crew is hesitant to apply MM tactics, or just not willing to wing, sarge by yourself.

    It's not cool to bash your crew.

    In the past when my wings/afc friends flaked or choked, I've carried the game on by myself with no ill feelings towards them.

    We'll live to game another day.

    Then again, you said you were drunk while posting. I hope that's all it was.

    -cheez avenger
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  5. Yeah man, i loved your post though. It was liek listening to my friends bang on when there all stoned or whatever........real interesting stories told really well that don't really go anywhere lol.

    I was entertained but it wasn' very easy to follow and also yeah you shouldn't slag off your mates.


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