What to say what to talk about ?
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  1. What to say what to talk about ?

    Greetings from spain ;D , ive studied A LOT , about mysterys method , and sarging i got the book , i got the dvds... but i wanna get more examples of what to say:

    -funny coments
    -funny storys
    -funny jokes
    -more funny pick up lines
    -funny things to do...

    Any ideas?

  2. I always read the news; although it might seem a little heavy there is usually some amusing current affairs stuff going on; e.g. the man who got a bang on his head which made him act in sexually inappropriate ways. Even though he knew he was doing it, he couldn't stop.

    Or the fact that in Costa Rica you can actually get a short-term jail sentence for making an unwanted advance on a girl.

    Just any old crap really.

    Funny comments? Just be responsive to people around you. If you aren't sure, see what other 'funny' people do and work out what they are doing and why it works.

    Funny things to do? Magic; any kind of trick involving her body (i.e. hands, shoulders); cold-reading; palmistry

    There's tonnes of stuff on this forum so just look through some of the classic posts.

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    You can't limit it like that, here's what you should talk about:


    It's important to have some chick approved material, but for the most part just TALK, about ANYTHING and everything. Let the conversation flow. Don't NOT say something because it's not funny, or etc... Just talk like you're regular dude.
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    Ultimatly Vincent Chase is right, just talk =)

    But you sound like you want a completly scripted full routine, like everythings already been planned out - even with that type of preparing in a set, your never gonna have 100% pre-planned conversations - that would be very artificial =)

    Open some sets and you'll know what I mean, oh and for a funny routine tell her you can read her palm and then dramtically tell a story about how she will find her true love and right before they kiss he'll get ran over by a car, which will send her life into a spiraled downfall and she will get fat and eat KFC all day, but then be inspired by ... - just amke it as outragiously crazy + funny as possible =) - thats field tested, only doesnt work if your a very, very dry man ...

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    -Body Language
    -Fashion and clothing
    -Women's Habits
    -Current Events

    But the list of things to talk about is endless....

    -Talk about television and movies, talk about things going on in the world, show her that you are up to speed on things going on in the world, but passively(don't make it an important thing).

    -Talk about sex

    -Talk about life and your goals in life and why you will make it, be interesting.

    -Talk about food, if you talk about food in a sensual way women LOVE IT.

    -Talk about scandalous things in Hollywood or whatever.

    -Talk about music you like.

    Talking with women about things is easy, just don't try to hard to point out anything and have a good time. Treat her like a guy friend you are kind of hanging out with if its the first date, and constantly push-pull.

    Favorite topic for me is analyzing people in the area with the girl.

    -Couples that are there, roleplaying with her what they are saying is really fun.
    -Funny looking people that are doing wierd things.
    - AFC's in the club if thats where you are.

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    Roman, most of the stuff you just mentioned is what is called "Chick Approved Material"

    If ask a girl about who won the boxing match last night and proceed to talk about your favorite muscle cars and then argue with your buddy over Tuners and Muscles, chances are the chicks are going to lose interest.

    I like an example Matador gave, he mentioned "The Rachel." If you've ever seen the show friends you know the character played by Jennifer Aniston, Rachel. Now Rachel had a specific hairstyle, it was part of her character and ALL around the United States, women from all walks of life, even women that didn't watch the show! Went into their hairdressers and asked for "The Rachel."
    It was a national phenomenon, and EVERY women knew about it. You couldn't escape "The Rachel!"

    So imagine the difference of talking to a chick about the ways the U.S. army is breaking code by altering its weapons in-field, and talking about: "The Rachel."

    "Hey, what do you think about 'The Rachel?"
    "Hey, what do you think about that Edelbrock motor?"

    You don't ONLY want to talk about "Chick Approved Material," but as I stated in my post above: It's important to have some chick approved material.
    My Name Is Vincent Chase.


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