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    22 this year so far but im sure i'll hit 25 by 31st of December , that is will be my personal record, previous one was 18 in one year.
    I have never been to college or university as I was working since 17 and studied part time so shortage of free time and only having time to meet girls on weekends cut my chances to have more lays every year, so I only started to hit double digits after 21 when I had established myself more and started to get more free time

  2. I am a chick and I have fucked about 27 guys. Not including head. With head it would be in the 30's

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    I'm 23 and fuck many times!

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    Mid 30's and it depends what the gray area is between sex and not sex. If I was drunk and didn't get off, but penetrated? Is that sex?

    Anyway, I'd honestly need to make a list. Less than 40 but more than 30, probably (including discharge). In my mid-teens - mid-20's I always had a steady gf. I don't cheat on gf's.

  5. I'm 35 and I've had sex with 54 girls. I was in a relationship for 8 years that I didn't have sex with anyone else.

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    I'll be 50 this year and I've slept with almost 100 women or something around there (you stop counting after a while, right, although clearly 100-ish is not some huge number). I've been in several LTRs as well... 9 years, 3 years, a few 2 years, etc. I'm probably pickier than most (or so I've been told many times).


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