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  1. RF: Yeah I'm so boring...I'm as boring as Richard Simmons in a gay bar.
    ST: Why do you want my number?

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    RF: So we could get to know each other (seriously you don't have to give a silly answer to a numberclose question if the moment is right)

    ST: I was thinking we could be just friends (my chick is going to Australia in 2 months and she doesn't want to have a something with feelings before the trip).

  3. RF:You think too much

    ST:Say/type/bring/do that..

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    RF:I always think about u (i didn't understand the shit test so i went with the reframe)
    ST: why are you looking at me like a piece of meat ?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by philemon View Post
    RF:I always think about u
    ST: why are you looking at me like a piece of meat ?
    Reframe:Meat?I dont like meat,do you cook?

    Shit test: If i were to get drunk,would you take advantage of me?

    (Mates,many of these are not Reframes and tests)

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    st:why are you asking 2 questions in a row?you are making this look like an interview

  7. Reframe: Because I'm trying to distract myself from your... *brush lip like she has a mustache or something on her face*
    Shit test: Think you could pop your hip out anymore/do you always stand like that/(anything where she's trying to make fun of your body language)

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    RF: oh you are jealous, if you behave i might teach you that move too ;-)
    ST: OMG you are an asshole

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    RF: You must be glad to have found someone who's just like you

    ST: What's up?

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    RF: Hey *smile* (I don't really think that's a shit test, she's just saying hello)

    ST: You're very quiet.

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