need advise on a girl thats push/pulling me
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  1. need advise on a girl thats push/pulling me

    background story:

    i came to know this girl through a mutual friend a couple months ago and kept bumping into her and her buddies out in the clubs around town. we've all got to know each other and shit. id been finding it really fucking hard to game her at first cuz she would always give me mixed messages which fucked my calibration hard. but i was sure that something was going on - i just got that feeling of sexual tension...

    as it happened she got word that i was digging her - it was pretty obvious though anyway cuz i was finding it hard to fucking keep my cool. i wasnt choding it up though i was constantly out tongung down other chicks all the time. what was tight though is that her friends would be giving me advise and encouragement about how to get with her! this is surely a great sign right? most of the girls ive pursued have fucking cockblock bitchhead friends that try to blow my game at all costs - but these girls are pretty cool and have helped alot.

    aight. so this tension continues with mixed messages and shit for like a month. she talk to me and then dart off totally fucking randomly. i start to think she has mental problems.

    but on the night of glory:

    i think there are a few key lessons i learnt here as i will elaborate shortly. i ended up bringing her and her friend to this houseparty (a few of my buddies aswell but they were fucking so wasted they were pretty much useless as wings). we start off by playing some "I hAVE NEVER" the drinking game to loosen up and shit. but i had been drinking since 2pm and it was now about midnight i was trying hard to keep sensible. i isolated her to a bench outside and started just talking random bullshit, i read her body language and it looked like she wasnt feeling me. BUT THIS WAS A MISTAKE.

    there were several external factors which made me realise otherwise

    1) her friend was dancing by herself a couple meters away rather then running up in my isolation and fucking everything up. i infered that theyd talked about it before and friend wanted things to go right for me and HB.

    2) when friend left the party i told HB to stay with me and she did. she woudlnt have done that shit if she wasnt feeling me. and i definetely wasnt in the chode friends zone.

    so despite my intuitions i proceeded to game her as normal. i started kicking off routines and stories desperately trying to up her buying temperature and make kino more comfortable. she laughed at my stories hardcore, did some qualifying and also ran the cube (which was quite unsuccessful but i was only really using it as an excuse to ty and fuckng touch her). kino was kind of awkard and her body language was still turned slightly away from me when i went in for the kclose

    but i was feeling pretty bold. tonight it was death or glory. the zombies in hell would fucking feast. normally my calibration would have told me it was not the time to chode launch but i was like whatever. i did this kclose routine - i duno where the fuck i even got it from either

    it goes something like

    king:how spontenous are you on a scale of 1-500
    hb:blah blah
    king:how adventurous are you " " "
    hb:blah blah
    king:close your eyes

    and it fucking worked motherfucker. i tongued her down

    it was still kind of awkard with her though - mixed messages still for the next few hours at party i only tongued her down 1 other time.

    but anyway i extracted her out of the party saying that i could lend her the cash for the cab back and my place was only real close

    so she came back to mine

    i brought her back to my room we made out (not fclose though - but it was cool with me) and she fell asleep on me. it was real sensual though u know? like caressing each other it was fucking dope as hell. it was at this point lying down in my bed with this chick in my arms that i felt like i was zapped on MDMA i had nothing but positive shit going through my head repetitively. im stating to lose the direction here as these details are not really necessary.

    so anyhow

    since then ive bumped into her a couple of times but she will only talk to me at short periods at a time. what the fuck. no tonguedowns since.

    this was apparent the other night we were out together again. i started talking to her and my game was way off - buying temp. must have been low she ejected the set. so whenever i need to boost attraction i go do another set. i openned this set did it for about 10 mins whatever then came back and she was much more receptive. but still only talked for about 3-4 minutes and then BAM - right after i said some funny shit and she laughed hard she ejected herself from the set

    what the fuck

    is this because shes trying to cool her buying temperature and not let me get to her? i also saw her give her number away to some other random guy which was quite chode for me as i was just chilling there. she put loads of X's and shit in her text messages before the night and asked when i was coming down to the bar to join. is she digging me or jus trying to turn me into chode slave for sexual validation??

    anyhow that night i talked to her friend and she confirmed what i had believed. that HB shows no emotion not even to her buddies. i think she musta been fucked with i get the feeling shes very fucking hard to get to open up at all. friend also told me that if id kissed her once i can do it again and that i should definetely pursue it

    so. ive been making out with quite a few other girls to ease the frustration of these escapades but i need to fucking finish this propperly. mortal kombat style.

    what would you guys say my best strategy would be?

    im guessing if i keep pushing too much its gonna come across as supplicating/chode and i will blow myself out.

    my conclusion is to keep on hitting on other girls when shes in the venue, and then bust my shit out to amp her buying temp followed with takeaways immediately after to make her chase me (like that tyler article playing hard to get)

    any advise and constructive criticism much appreciated


    P.S. this girl is always totally fucking annhialated on booze which makes it hard. but i usually am too

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    Firstly, I like your style.

    Secondly, I have no advice.

    Thirdly I like to ask questions for my own pleasure.

    Why didn't you f-close her that night? I'm thinking if you f-closed her then she'd feel somewhat more of a connection and you'd feel somewhat more secure because of it. I'm sure you had your reasons though.

  4. yeah i was all bout it bout it but when i started fingering her she moved my hand off it was her call so i was like whatever


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