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    San Antonio, Tx

    San Antonio, TX

    If anyone is looking to practice in san antonio, tx, email me at I can use all the practice I can get.

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    I'm originally from San Antonio. Are you new to the area? BTW I'm not living there currently but still know the area and can help out if you need it.

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    From near San Antonio, email

  4. Looking for wing here in sa town

  5. Im new to the game. Looking to improve my skills here in SA town. PM me or email me at

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    Anyone sarging this weekend, we should pick a place we can all meet regularly, this way no one new will have trouble joining. I think I suggested this in another thread, or maybe it was the venusian arts forum.

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    San Antonio, TX

    are there even any decent women in this town??

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    HAHA are you serious??? dude what clubs and bars do you go to that you don't find decent women?? i see them all over the place!! if you wanna know where to find just pm me and i'll tell you where to find them...maybe do some sarging or something...

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    looking to wing with someone

    Im down to wing with someone anytime. Please be aware that I am very new and getting blown out of sets pretty often at this point, but maybe winging with someone more experienced might help me! PM me if interested

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    Anzodd Guest

    Looking for a wing/teacher

    I'm brand new to this game...well rather I am just finding out how to actually play. I need experience and a wing to support my new endeavors.


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